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  1. mikeyger28

    http://www.yamahasuzukikawasakiofcoo...98&pov=1986267 I am looking for a road star and would ask if this is a good deal or shouldI keep on looking? Please give your opinionThanks Mike

  2. Jonezpoj

    Seems high to me. Was an 05 on out here for $4,500. Look around you may find a better deal... JMHO

    Just checked in 3 towns and found a 07, 6,100 miles, $6,000 in Lawrence
    04, 6,600, $5,500 in Dalton
    06 , 8,000, $6,500 in Zebulon that took only 15 min.

  3. mikeyger28

    Thanks for your time.I will do as you suggest!

  4. BuppaKahuna
    Search every craigslist in a defined radius.
    I use it at work to estimate Marget value on Yamahas all the time.

    Good luck


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