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Seafoam or ???

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  1. quicgmicg

    Hey guys, just wanted to see how many of you are shocked at the price of Seafoam these days. I used to use it exclusively as a fuel system cleaner/stabilizer, but at over $7.00 a bottle.... I'm wondering if it's worth it.

    I know it has other uses a stabilizer and you can put it into your oil etc...but the only reason I ever used it was for cleaning the fuel system and as a stabilizer.

    There are a lot of good fuel system cleaners out there. I'll use Berryman's B-12 Chemtool as an example. I can get a can of it for $3.99 or less retail and it works great (also claims to do just about everything Seafoam does including working in your oil). I have enough $$$ left over to pick up a bottle of good ethanol fuel stabilizer (10 oz treats 100 gallons - a pint of Seafoam treats 25 gallons so Seafoam is an incredibly expensive stabilizer) which I also use on a regular basis as a "just in case"...... and still be under the price of Seafoam at a local retail parts store.

    I'm not like a cheap person, but having been in the parts business for over 35 years, I just started wondering about the price and the alternatives out there. I'm certainly not bashing Seafoam as a product, it appears to work well.....but so do other products.

    So my question is.... do you still use Seafoam? Another product? I'd like to see what other guys are using out there.....


  2. poppj

    I was in my local auto parts store in calif last week...Sea foam was on sale for $7.99 a can and Berryman's B-12 was 2 for $5.49....i have always thought it was basically the same stuff....I bought 4 cans of Berryman's. Over the years i have had good results with both...I do some sailing and sea foam has always been very expensive....It is used by many boating people in my area...everything that is related to boating and sailing has a huge mark up.

  3. asphaltwarrior155

    I have used both in my bikes,but nothing yet in the Star.I've paid way more here in NY for the SeaFoam..I think it's close to 11 bucks.

  4. MorkKW

    SeaFoam here is $9.99. Realizing there are other products and choices out there, being that I don't use a lot of SeaFoam and it lasts as long as it does, plus it has been proven to be very effective in today's "corn-fed gas"..... bike, wife's car (drives 2k miles/yr), boat, scooter, pressure cleaner, generator.... even if it was $15-20 a can, it would remain as my personal choice for what I would continue to use. If I used it only in my bike, it would cost me only about $1.50-1.75/month, a non-issue. (again, personal situation & personal opinion only)

    Take care - stay safe.

  5. asphaltwarrior155

    That's actually a good way to look at it..It's not like we dump the whole bottle in right..Good and valid point.I also like the Lucas treatment too.

  6. Mondj

    I've been trying out the new Startron but it's rather pricey also. They claim it's specifically designed to be used with Ethanol fuel.

  7. irish9003

    Yea its 9.99 a can in central Florida also and I use about 3-oz a fill up I may just cut back but it works good for me and I am not ready to try anything new .

  8. chisjc56

    I gotta go with Irish, it works well for me and not sure about the pther products personally. It's about 9 something here so when I find it on sale like two weeks ago for 7 I bought a few cans. Use it about once a month or so and it lasts me a while except when I make my rounds and hit the two bikes, two cars and the boat. Hell, some days I get carried away and want to go do my buddies toys too!

  9. Keppy61

    Hey guys, just wanted to see how many of you...

    I would have to say its worth it. I drive for a company that has Sprinter Vans which has the Mercedes diesel engine. We started adding it to one that had a lifter noise. They had tried all the other more expensive stuff and nothing seemed to work. But sea-foam did the trick. We now add it to all van every oil change at 5K. And every time a fuel filter is change which is every 10K.
    I have used it in everything I have for years. Most other stuff is chemical base. This stuff is petroleum and thats why its going up. I can get it here for 5.99. Maybe I better stock up.

  10. quicgmicg

    Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it.


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