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Scratching my head

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  1. yhoower

    Winterized the son-in-laws 1100 Sabre today and had something really weird happen.

    Put Stabile in the tank and ran it for a few minutes to work it through the system.

    Took the plugs out sprayed fogging oil in the cylinder and replaced the plugs but left the wires off.

    Went to crank the the engine to work in the fogging oil ................

    and the damn thing started up.

    Any ideas?

  2. quicgmicg

    Must have been enough gas/oil to "diesel"..... enough compression that it'll fire with the right circumstances,...

  3. yhoower

    I suppose if the engine/valves were still hot enough that could happen. Thanks.

  4. vito54

    Any chance each cylinder has two spark plugs? I have a 750 Shadow Spirit set up that way and didn't realize it for over a year. (Yeah, I skipped that page in the OM and SM.)

    Also...if the wires are touching the right spot a charge could go through the block to the plugs.

  5. yhoower

    Any chance each cylinder has two spark plugs? I have...

    Dang vito54 that's it. The 1100 has 4 plugs too. Thanks.


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