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  1. tfar

    Will the Samson shorties decrease tourque significantly? I can throw BTC baffles in the pipes and want to show off my new $3,000 wheels, not hide them with the swepts.

    They are pretty short.

    Other option is the street sweepers which I heard loose tourque or the Rinehart's which I heard make power, but $$$.

  2. Kremer901

    Uh what kind of bike do you have? Rineharts are usually made for Harleys and samson doesnt make an exhaust for the raider.

  3. tfar

    The Samson Street sweepers for the Warrior fit the Raider.

    Rinehart makes Warrior pipes as well. I know of at least two running around here with them. Sound real good and supposedly make power unlike Samson or other straights that loose low end.

  4. tfar

    BTW, it's a Raider

  5. tezerdhi

    Here are mine. I just put Thunder Monster baffles in them. The power is impressive...better than stock!

  6. tfar

    That's the pic I was going to link to. Sounds real nice.

  7. TrojRaiter

    I really love the look. Is it had on your ears? What about a passenger's ears? What is the cost of those?

  8. tezerdhi

    It was a little hard on the ears but then I put the thunder monster baffles in and it now it sounds real good. I think the cost is around $440.

  9. Raiter77

    I contacted Samson about Samson Exhaust and the Yamaha Raider.
    Here is the information that I received.

    Hello,I want to install the Samson Street Sweepers on my 2008 Yamaha Raider.I found the information below on the Yamaha Raider forum.I have read that the mounting bracket will need to be redrilled, that is not a problem.Would I need to get a fuel management system also?What would I need to do with the 02 sensors.Which baffles would be the best for this application? Are they needed?Thank You for you assistance.
    __________________________________________________ ______

    The Samson Street sweepers for the Warrior will fit the Raider.

    Here are mine. I just put Thunder Monster baffles in them. The power is impressive...better than stock!

    __________________________________________________ _______

    I have no information on the Yamaha Raider. The guy's in R&D are making new systems for that bike they should be available soon.


    If you have any other questions please call.
    Samson Motorcycle ProductsTechnical Support and Information
    655 Tamarack ave
    Brea CA 92821

    Please visit our website at

  10. tfar

    Well, that pretty much expected. I can answer your questions:

    Yes the pipes will fit, I am sure the ones for the Raider will be at least $100 more or so cause they are new and need to recoup R&D.

    You don't need a power commander but it's advisable. It will not get rid of the popping no matter what.

    If you go with a Power Commander, the o2 is not needed. You can get a plug to trick the bike into thinking it is there, or just make a bung for it.

    The drilling is like one or two holes, no big deal.

    The only baffles I would go with are the Big City Thunder. They work and sound great.

    Maybe you knew all this already, maybe not, if I answered any questions great.


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