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Samson Rip Saw or Cannons question.

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  1. aarona

    I finaly chose the Samson Street Swepers I hope to order them next week. I working on geting all things needed to finish up the 16'' apes project. I hope to have the pipes on rejeted and dino tuned by first or second week in April.

  2. quicgmicg

    Still on the apes???

    You sound just like me.... pods, interal handlebar wiring, seat, left side controls, risers and a bunch more little things and I'm still not done....but close.

    Make sure you get some pics!!

  3. Ronz405

    Im still debating on mine. After having to pay Uncle Sam this year I may be debating for a while!


    I feel your pain there, same boat over here, but I figured with the smiles from the new pipes I could put uncle sam behind me

  5. CruizerBruizer

    aaron, good choice! Try 'em without the baffles, you'll like 'em!

    bkman, I did pay closer attention today on the way to work (I finally got a job...started last Monday a year to the day from when I was laid off by dog-ass HP, but that's another story...and managed about a 40% raise over what I was making).

    The Ripsaws/street sweepers sound great at 70 and 75, too. They have a nice throaty staccato reminiscent of Tommy gun going full blast. Yeah, they definitely add to the ambiance of the road.


    Just got my bike home with the warlord cannons and HOLY CRAP THESE THINGS ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. aarona

    Hay CruizerBruizer I have also looked at the BUB Jug Huggers I was ordering the Samson street sweepers Friday morning but thay were on back order so i couldnt. But later that day i talked to a dealer in Florda that i know and he used to sale Samson AND BOY HE DID NOT LIKE THEM AT ALL in his opinon the look and sound was great but he also said the LONG term qulity was not there. I dont know my self but the BUB,s are just a few bucks more and have several difrant baffles you can get.

  8. CruizerBruizer

    aaron, dunno bout that...the guy I bought the bike from install them probably about 3-ish years ago. I think they sound pretty awesome at 65-70 mph cruising down the highway. They have a very nice resonance.

    How long is long term?

    I do have bluing on the rear pipe, which also doesn't seat very well in the piece from the engine to the extender. Doesn't look all that great but you can't see it unless you're up close. Probably a shoddy job the crew did on the last oil change, which I didn't notice until way too late (was dark when I picked the bike up).

    I'll fix it on the next oil change, which should be soon.

    I'm not familiar with the Jug Huggers...gonna have to look them up.

    You might also check with others...some people have a jones against some things...just might not be your guy's cup of tea.

    Good luck on yours.



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