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Saddlebag Guards

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  1. toc215

    Have any RoadStar riders found guards for the hard saddlebags? I have an "06" Roadstar with hard bags and wondered what it would look like with guards. I have not been able to locate many vendors who have them. Just wondering. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  2. tunc

    might help
    stock mirrors

    3rd pic on 1st page and 4th on 2nd page
    is that what your lookin for
    maybe send them a pm and ask where they got them from

  3. ritinktouple

    u can get them from yamaha,, i have been looking at them myself,,,they are a little pricey,,,,about 300.00 for the guards,,,,it also says in the listing that u need the saddlebag mounting hardware,,but if u already have bags,,why the need ,,,if a person does need it ,,,they are 175.00 for the hardware,,,

    from what i see in the catalog,,there is saddlebag guards part # str-5vn33-00-00 299.95
    then theres saddlebag trim rails part # str-5vn72-70-00 199.95
    mounting hardware part #str-5ga73-40-00 174.95

  4. cowenandranch

    toc215 did you check out the link tunc sent? The 4th post down shows a red Roadstar with hard bags and bag guards. I personally think they look awesome. Yes, Yamaha is proud of their bling. I put the Yami bag guards on my Strat, and they were, well, very pricey but I thought they were worth it.

  5. toc215

    Thanks everyone for your help. I appreciate your knowledge and prompt response. This forum is the best I have found.

  6. pikpear1

    I put the classic bag guards on mine. You have to make the top brackets, and attached to bottom to the saddlebag mounts with 7/8/ p clamps.
    I posted a larger photo in gallery

  7. BikUn39

    Yup... Yammi guards and rails. About $400 from


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