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Saddle Sore 1000 completed.

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  1. zumnckuj

    A group of six of us completed a 1000 mile Saddle sore in just under 19 hours. The bike took it well .. ran like a top.

    The paper work is filled out and I will mail it off to IBA so that I can get my pin, patch, license plate and be listed on their web site. BUT this really doesnt matter, the individuals of the group knows who did it. Thats all that matters !!

    The group made it an easy run. Five out of the six of us ride every Thursday night and any other time we can get together. BUT this is definitely an endurance ride ... fatigue began to set in around the last leg of 100/150 miles. No one got grumpy .. well at least no more grumpy then they usually are.

    The butt did get a little tender. Only hurt when I tried to get off the seat. You know, when the blood rushes back in. Had to get off real ssslllllloooooooowwwwwww ... what bothered me the most was the joint where the leg meets the hip ... the highway pegs helped alot.

    We are now talking / thinking about Sturgis 2010 ...
    ~4 relaxing 442 mile days out
    ~3 days to hang out
    ~4 relaxing 442 mile days back.
    ~50 gallons of gas at 40 miles per gallon (the cost per gallon is anyones guess)

    We'll have to see.

  2. jamaha2283

    Just curious what was your route, I am planning on a saddle sore 1000 in early May09. That is great you didn't feel any real fatigue until the last leg of the trip. Got any tips on the best way to do a saddle sore. I will be riding a 2008 v-star 1300 and a friend of mine will be on a 2009 HD street glide. We figured to stop every 100 miles whether we needed gas or not to stretch our legs. Any information you could pass along would be greatly appreciated.

  3. zumnckuj

    I guess we cant upload Excel or Word Docs. If you send me your email address, I will send you the entire package that one of the guys put together.

    We road NC, TN, GA, SC .... circled back to our start point.

    We still had five hours to spare ... we stuck to 45 minute lunch and dinner. No more then 10/15 minute stops for gas, munchies and bio's. We had only a single unplanned stop. We stopped on the average of every 100 miles.
    Our speed averaged 70 - 75 .. but we may have gotten a little faster or slower depending on conditions.

    You can hit the for details. Read ALL the info. Log your stop point odometer readings and keep your receipts. One problem we had was that not all gas stations list their address on their receipts. So we had to go in and ask for one. One station just wrote the address on the receipt. Get a service in before you go. Make sure you got good rubber and definitely check tire pressure.

    I wouldnt attempt this 2 up ...

    Dont eat too much the day before. Bring snacks and drinks to keep the cost down.

    What else specifically would you like to know ?

    Basically .. plan it .. and put the ol' butt on the bike and roll, man.

  4. MichaelW283

    That is awesome! I hope to do a IBA ride this year just to say I did.

    I want to do this one. Highwy 50 from Carson City to Scipio UT and back. 1028 miles, on highway 50, the Loneliest Road in America, so little to no traffic. Should be smooth sailing across Nevada and back.

    Anyone want to ride?

    I doubt I will do an bun burners or more. I'm really just into the ride and this would be just to say I did. Heck I'd like to ride across America but how long it would take would be, however long until I finish.

  5. zumnckuj

    If I were closer, Id ride wiff ya !!!!

  6. Bokard

    That's pretty impressive I'm not sure where I would go if I tried one of these, I think I have a bit more butt training to get in before I'm off on this big of an adventure.

  7. ylzhooder

    Thats great!

    Late June this year I am planning on doing both the the SaddleSore 1000 and BunBurner 1500 at the same time.

    Next year a buddy and I are thinking we would like to try the Iron Butt Rally. 1000 miles a day for 11 straight days.

  8. zumnckuj

    Well now that I know what its like, I can certainly respect those who do and have done the SS 1000 ... but might as well do the 1500 ...on the highway its only another 5 or 6 hours and If I remember the rules correctly, its a 36 hour completion time. that means you can stop and get a few hours sleep.

    My numbers were a little higher then the rest I rode with cause I lived the farthest from the meet place. Its was 38 miles to and from the meet site.
    76 + 1036 = 1112 ... actual ride time was probably about 20 hours give or take .. so the 1500 in 36 seems very possible with a few hours nap.

    The 1k in 11 days ... sick .. man I can admit ... that would be tough for me to do. The 50CC would be pushing it .... Wilminton, NC to San Diego is 2560 according to Mapquest ... 38 hours .... that would even be tough .. but probably a more realistic attempt for me ...

    If you use our times and distance as a baseline, One would only have 3-4 hours sleep for 11 days. The ride would certainly become more risky as the days progressed. man .. that ride would be insane ....


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