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  1. Brocknchrist71

    Bought my saddle bags a few days ago, haven't arrived yet but just got me to thinking... what do you guys carry in your bags, for various trips... like for a day trip what do you take, 2 days... just curious... i have lived out of a back pack for like 3 years now on my daily rider... is enough for work but i am about to do a 2 day ride and was just curious if you guys carry something i haven't thought of...

  2. 78ordon

    Bought my saddle bags a few days ago, haven't arrived...

    I carry extra plugs, slime compressor and plug kit, extra gloves, sunscreen and some water. Then depending on the weather maybe a extra long sleeve shirt.

  3. AedfjiY

    I carry extra bandannas to cover my face if it rains, safety pins, flashlight, mini bottles of Tylenol, sunscreen, lotion, saline solution and chap stick, a couple of baby wipes, screwdriver, tire gauge and quarters, extra glasses and contact case, plus whatever I'll need for wherever I'm going. I'm kind of a pack rat. LOL

  4. Destructo22

    I carry extra plugs, slime compressor and plug kit, extra...

    Something that might save you some room is CO2 canisters that bicyclist use. It has a shrader valve connection and takes various sized CO2 cartridges. I keep some on my ATV with a plug kit. Of course plug kit and pump or co2 cartridges won't do any good with spoke wheels.

    It will probably take 2 or 3 co2s to fill a whole tire, but its compact and light weight, plus you don't need 12v to run it.

  5. quicgmicg

    Just make sure you guys save enough room for my stuff!!!

  6. aogzz

    I carry extra bandannas to cover my face if it...

    Just wondering.

  7. PikesPeakMtnMan34

    Specifically, what I carry will vary based on destination, weather, and some other factors.

    Generally, I keep tire gauge, sunscreen, extra gloves, bandannas, cold weather gloves & facemasks (here in CO you just never know, even in August!), contact lens cases and solution, extra sunglasses and clear glasses.

  8. Logosexat79

    I have a 950 with stock saddlebags, I carry a small gas can, rain gear, extra layers of clothing, while leaving room for what clothes I take of during the day, a small tool pouch (which will be moved top my tool bag) tire pressure gauge, extra gloves, I have carried extra boots and any other necessities i.e.water. I like the idea of the CO2 and plug kit.

  9. AedfjiY

    Quarters?Just wondering....

    For the air compressor at the gas station silly, although I know I'd be really lucky to get to the gas station if I needed air, but it was something my dad taught me many years ago when I started driving a car. He always made sure I had some quarters in my glove box, of course back then, they would have worked in pay phones too. Or for the pop machine if the gas station is closed as I've run into in a few small towns.

  10. Brocknchrist71

    i have always used a backpack... but in there is crescent wrench, leatherman tool, bandaids, burn gel, batteries (never know), cables for charging various things, ear plugs, jacket liner, duct tape, tire gauge, speaker and all that is just the daily all the time stuff... other than that, clothes, food, and whatever is needed for trips...

  11. asphaltwarrior155

    Quarters?Just wondering....

    So ya can make a phone call..Like myself she probably rolls with no cell phone...

    EDIT: I also take bulbs .wire tape,hose clamps hose,first aid kit....

  12. AiginudNY

    One of my bags has the rain suit, booties, and spare gloves. I have light weight summer gloves, water proof gloves ans winter gloves, one pair I am wearing at the time. Operator's manual, spare tools, can of fix-a-flat, bungie cords, spare glasses, area map, and a small first aid kit. The first aid kit is for minor things that need bandaids, aspirins, etc. Sunglasses if not being worn.

    The other bag has my lunch and things going to or coming from work.

  13. aogzz

    For the air compressor at the gas station silly, although...

    OOH.... Silly me Guess thats what i get for wondering LOL.
    Back in them days (when you was starting to driving a car) quarters for a pay phone would of been a great idea. Now days your lucky if you even see a pay phone out side in small towns at least.

  14. asphaltwarrior155

    hahahah aint that the truth..Heck ya cant even use a calling card in


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