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saddle bag recommendations

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  1. zdormkade

    Does anyone have any recommendations for throw-over saddlebags. i don't necessarily want to spend too much money on them as i've got other things i want to spend on for the bike... these would be a temporary solution as i would eventually replace them with nicer, more expensive bags.

    i've found these that seem to be very reasonably priced, but i haven't read any reviews about them.

    i like this style. has anyone here used willie and max bags?

  2. Rop123

    Those are nice bags.....BUT if you plan on only keeping them for a short while before buying other ones, my suggestion would be to wait until you can buy the ones you really want. You'll lose money on the bags if you sell them to buy the ones you "really" wanted all along.

    Just my 2 cents.


  3. zdormkade

    i plan on keeping this set through this riding season... possibly even the next.

  4. rekkae3

    I have these
    at about 1/2 of the price of the ones your looking at. is a great site

  5. zdormkade

    reggae, got pics of these on your bike?

  6. Rop123

    In that case, my only recomendation would be to buy the biggest bags you can based on fit. As time goes, by bags seem to magically get "smaller" Just make sure that you maintain at least 1-1/2" away from the exhaust.


  7. zdormkade

    found a picture of Reggae's bags...

    are you using the yamaha support bars

  8. jamahadim

    I have these on my bike.
    They come with the saddlebag supports. I ended up cutting off the zipper throwover and just bolted them on. I will post pictures later.

  9. BuppaKahuna

    I just installed a pair of these on my wife's 650 V Star Classic:
    They are probably the BEST $39 bags you'll find anywhere.
    Really thick heavy leather, good stitching & a full-length inner top flap for minimizing road crud collection going down the road. The website says their bags don't need mounting brackets to keep the bags from flapping in the wind but I put some on anyway. They don't move an inch now. Solid as a rock.

    Jafrum has dozens of bag styles for really low $$. They even have some on clearance for $25/pair.
    I'm very impressed with the ones I got for my wife. If the Roadie didn't already have bags, this is where I'd get bags for that too.

    - JJ


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