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  1. rick970

    i wish it was back from the shop

    they were backed up with waverunners and other bikes cause of beginning of summer .. hopefully by the end of this week i will have it back

  2. yhoower

    Rick you are correct, the Cobra is a 4" diameter exhaust. If you get a chance would you measure your inside pipe and I'll measure mine when I get home tonight.

  3. rick970

    Rick you are correct, the Cobra is a 4" diameter...

    the inside pipe is just the baffle itself, which is a 2 inch baffle .. if you go back a page you will see a picture i took of the inside .. that whole piece slides out(EVERYTHING inside the outer wall is the baffle itself, its a very simple design compared to the cobra) .. it was the inner ring that i measured as 2 inches also btw

    (that picture is a little deceptive also, i had it tilted a little with the angle of the slash down to let in more light .. the inner ring looks smaller than it really is)

  4. rick970

    After getting my bike back from the shop today FINALLY, i was able to get this sucker on there. My friend rode his 950 over that has the cobra slip on. All i gotta say is WOW!!! This thing sounds so freakin nice. My friend even made the comment "i wonder if its to late to send back my cobra" LOL!(i personally think his cobra sounds awesome also, but between the 2 in my personal opinion, the Rush definately wins ) Very DEEP sound, extremely pleased so far. The only problem23 i had is the 2 bolts they sent with the package were unusable. They werent even long enough to go all the way through the mounting bracket on the bike itself, so i had to make a run to Home Depot for some longer ones. Side by side with the Cobra, if you take 20 steps back and look at both, they are almost identical, its only when you look inside from the back that they are different.

    I will get a video up with sound ASAP. I gotta borrow my bros vid camera first, but it will be tied up for atleast another day with likely my new nephew coming into the world tomorrow . Dont worry though, i will have something up ASAP.

  5. rick970

    i have a video+sound(short one for now)

    (just a side note: i had to turn my subwoofer on my PC up to about 1/4-1/3 to get it to sound the same as it did live)

  6. BRASMAN182

    Thanks. I have been dying to hear that. It sounds great.

  7. BRASMAN182


    So when you compared them the Rush sounded deeper than the Cobra? How do they both sound under load?


  8. rick970

    rick970,So when you compared them the Rush sounded deeper than...

    ya, the Rush definately sounded deeper(although we are gonna try the baffle wrap on my friends cobra next week) .. as for "under load" difference, i've only rode with him once since i put it on, so its hard to compare them just yet .. the Rush sounds great all through the RPM/load range though(in my personal opinion) .. i've had it out on the highway a few times already aswell .. its hard to get the live sound to translate to video, but from what i've heard so far, i'm probably not gonna bother with duals like i originally had planned for next years income tax return .. i really really like this sound alot

    (echos rather loudly in my alley, hope my neighbors dont mind it to much lol)

  9. rsjrocketman67

    I ordered one last week. had to go to Harley dealer to order it as they were the dealer for rush in my area. Said it takes 2 weeks to get in. one to go. I got the 1.75 in baffle. Rush was really cheap compared to roadhouse and d&d.
    They make tons for harley and jusTSdarted making stuff for metrics. seems like a pretty fair outfit. really into drag bikes
    ride safe

  10. BRASMAN182

    Just so I am thinking straight the 2" baffle would have more flow and be louder correct? I know not every body wants that but I am just curious.

  11. Troober

    I know that the video does not give the actuall sound but my wrapped Cobra sounds deeper than that to me. The pop of the rush pipe still seem to have a hint of that metallic echo in it. It was definately MUCH better than the Standard Cobra though and as I said it is probably just the video, I would bet the two are going to be very comparable once you get your buddies wrapped and eliminate that metalic echo in the Cobra.

  12. rick970

    I know that the video does not give the actuall...

    i'm debating getting some wrap for the Rush just to try it for the fun of it, but the Rush is deeper in person than it is in the video, and i am beyond happy with the way it sounds right now

  13. rick970

    Just so I am thinking straight the 2" baffle would...


  14. yhoower

    Kinda of a funny story I thought ...............

    I have the Cobra slip-on as you know. I stopped for a pack of smokes the other day. Got my smokes and was sitting on the bike putting on gear when this guy walks out of the store. When he walked out the door he looked at me on the bike and just kinda rolled his eyes (I figured he owned the more popular brand of bike). As he turned to walk to his car I hit the starter button. This guys head spun around so quick and he had the best WTF look on his face I started laughing.

    Made me feel pretty good about my choice of exhaust.

  15. sbarnes634

    ...(I figured he owned the more popular brand of bike)......

    LOL ok, I'll bite - what more popular brand of bike? Lots of yamaha's in my neighborhood...

  16. yhoower

    sbarnes, I figured it was the brand you need to park on a oil absorbent mat. lol

  17. sbarnes634

    Ah, the one with the optional pickup truck to follow it around picking up the parts that fall off, and haul it home when it refuses to finish the ride?

  18. yhoower

    Yep that's the one. lol

    OK enough brand bashing. I hope they're more reliable then rumored or I'll be singing the "Two Guys on a Bike" song soon, since I ride with two of them all the time.

  19. Troober

    I hope they're more reliable then rumored or I'll be...

    And you think "I" need help........ Pot calling the Kettle black...



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