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Rush or Roadhouse slip on

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  1. IphoenixS

    Has anyone installed the Rush or Roadhouse slip on exhaust on their 950? I found both for a pretty good price so if anyone could post video clips that would be great.

  2. dos

    I had the Roadhouse Slip-On on my 1300 at one time. The RH didnt match up as well with the stock headers as I would have liked. The sound wasnt quite deep enough either. It was a good bit louder than stock but no where near as loud as the StreetLites I replaced it with. The loudness of the Roadhouse was fine with me as it is kinda in the middle between stock and full pipes but the tone and fit was why I got rid of it.

  3. rick970

    anyone tried the Rush Mufflers slip-on yet?

    with the cobra slip-on so hard to get, i am curious about this one


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