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RSTD Bars, ISO Grips

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  1. piknumper1

    We've had such a demand for the rstd bars for all of our 1300 folks, we've actually gone to keeping a set of them in stock. You can send a pm or email me for more info. I've also posted in another thread about the rstd bars.

  2. yimUK

    I've fitted the RSTD bars/ISO grips (love em)

    One recent observation in addition to all the good instructions posted here and in other places....

    While the existing cables and wiring are OK, I found that the clutch cable and electical harness from the LH switchgear were just a little bit tight on full right lock. TBH, I didn't really notice this until I got the bike up off its wheels for winter, and moved the bars fully right and could hear the 'creaking' as things tightened up.

    It was more the electical harness ...I didn't notice earlier as the wiring seemed OK and unstressed where it goes down from the bars behind the steering head. It was only when I was looking for the source of the 'creaking' that I looked under the tank and found that the wiring was being pulled more than I liked. Might vary from bike to bike, but worth a check.

    All I've done now is slip the clutch cable and electrical harnes out from the 'D' shaped guide that you see when you look down on the bars at the steering head. They sit quite happily and D guide isn't really needed. Took 5 mins... just bent it open and slipped them out.


  3. RopG

    Fwiw, I called SS Custom Cycle to ask if they had advice about which bar to go with (the Bagger or the RSTD) and they said if you are less than 5' 10" the Bagger Bar works best and if you are more than 5' 10" you will be better off with the RSTD.

    I have no personal experience, so relying on the guys that have customer feedback seemed to make sense. I ordered some RSTDs and grips and a throttle boss. Looking forward to getting rid of the shoulder pain and neck pain and back pain and hand cramps all at once. Hope you guys are right about how well they work.

    Thought about adding the throttle tamer while I was going to have everything apart, but I spend most of my time commuting on the highway and I am just not sure i need it.

  4. GASdar


    I installed the RSTD bars last Saturday, took a ride Sunday afternoon, made a few minor adjustments and now think everything is set where I want them. I think the bars and grips look awesome.

    The bars install is not too bad. The RSTD knurling fits the clamps perfectly. The grip install is not too hard although a second pair of hands was very helpful on the throttle side. These instructions are very helpful even though he is mounting 950 bars:

    When I first rode the bike with the new bars I felt cramped (I'm 5' 9"), but I quickly got used to the bars being closer to me. Now I just need to relax my arms and shoulders and the reach is very comfortable. I now sit in more of an upright position (the Mustang seat did also) and my line of sight is even further above the windshield (Memphis Shades 21"). I like looking over it rather than through it and this makes it even better. The angle of the bars provides a very comfortable wrist position. The stock cables work fine but are a little tighter than with the stock bars.

    The grips felt too large for me at first, but I like them better the more I ride.

    The position in which they are mounted sets my hands just lower than my elbows which I believe is the correct position. I may raise them a little some day just for comparison purposes.

    The more I ride, the better I like both the grips and RSTD's.

  5. RopG

    The pics look great, GASdar. I have read through the write up - it's why I decided to do it. It doesn't look difficult at all.

    I have been thinking about a seat with a back rest, but right now, I don't think I would even touch it. It will be interesting to see how much the bars will change that feeling.

  6. ntmom

    I feel like such an idiot for asking, but what are RSTD bars? Please be gentle! :-)

  7. yimUK

    The bars that are fitted to the Royal Star Tour Deluxe, generally accepted to be much more comfortable than the stock bars, giving more pull back and better riding postion. They'll fit without changing cables, wiring

    Gently enough ?

  8. ntmom

    The bars that are fitted to the Royal Star Tour Deluxe, generally accepted to be much more comfortable than the stock bars, giving more pull back and better riding postion. They'll fit without changing cables, wiringGently enough ?
    Oh, so gentle! Thank you!!



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