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  1. GASdar

    I bought my '09 1300 last February. I've got about 12k on it but it is the only bike I've owned so I have no other riding experience to compare to.

    I've read many comments on this forum about the need to replace the stock handlebars with more comfortable bars and RSTD bars seem to get the most mentions. I am not that uncomfortable when I ride (5' 9") and can stay in the saddle for 2 hours at a time with little to no discomfort in my shoulders or back. My hands get a little numb sometimes and that's about all. From those of you who have made the switch, do you think it would make enough difference for me? If I order RSTD's, where is a good place to get them.

    When installing ISO grips what happens to the weights that are on the stock 1300 bars? Do they just go in the box with all the other stock parts that have been upgraded?

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. zjlwanb1

    i have not replace my bars yet but i have put iso grips on . the weights just get put in a box of extra stuff. i am 6ft3 and i think the rstd bars would probably help me ride farther.

  3. JuzdSdewe

    I'm 6'0" and the RSTD bars were a must have. Installed them a long time ago, and haven't looked back.
    The original weights get tossed/put in a box/whatever. No need. The/our 1300s don't have enough vibration IN them to even require the bar end weights, but mother yamaha decided to install them anyway. (maybe the ISO grips help, dunno. I"ve always had the ISO grips as well).
    Highly recommend the RSTD bar swap out. Utilizes all the stock hardware/cables, etc. etc.

    As far as where to get it from? I purchased mine used from a fellow 1300 rider on one of these forums, but ebay is good to try. Also give Shane a call @ S&S cycles.

    My .002

  4. Driwetapisnezz

    Ditto to what the man from New Richmond (JustSteve) said.

    I usually pump for Shane at SS Customs - he does a lot for 1300 riders.

  5. Lrtoflamancha

    Hey if your comfortable for 2 hours at a time, why spend the bucks on new ones. Figure bars, grips, weights... ya they are extra and a cramp buster plua shipping and taxes you will be spending well over $200. possibly $300. save the money use it for other mods.


  6. pirtzder

    Hey Mr and Mrs Steve. My husband has been researching the RSTD bars. i am about 5ft 11, and we put on just over 10,000 miles last season, and my shoulders did bother a little. True, there is no vibration in our 1300, and my grips were great. I even adusted my bars a little, and that was not comfortable, I trust you to tell me the RSTD bars are the way to go. Where could you feel the difference? Shoulders? Thanks so much!

  7. JuzdSdewe

    I had pain in my shoulders (mostly right), right wrist, and neck. (again, mostly on the right side).
    Extreme pain. After installing the RSTD bars the pain was gone. Plus it seems to make the bike handle better (or it makes ME feel I'm handling it better).
    A serious 'must have' for our bikes. Between handlebars, seats, exhaust/chrome/LED lighting, tak, tachometer, LOTS and LOTS of chrome (oh yeah I already mentioned that), it's a never ending process of personalizing.

    I'm done tho........................unless I run into some money, then I want to put HID headlight bulb in,,,,,,,,,,,,and the 2010 headite assy (chrome one)...............and different emblems................and nice floorboards..................and...........and.... .......and.....................a man can dream, can't he?

    But I digress. Get the handlebars. You won't be dissappointed.

    Oh yeah, and if you really want comfort, get the (if you've got ISO grips already), get the throttle boss dealies that bolt onto the ends. Makes a nice wrist rest for long hauls. They're just plain azz comfy while riding! (plus it's MORE chrome for the bike). LOL

  8. Silwerato5x5

    I just installed an HID single function low only 8000K color because I wanted a "noticeable" headlight and living in Alaska during riding season there is very few dark nights. I wanted to be able to leave it off if needed and I do so by just switching to the high beam, and I have plans on a custom made pair of driving lamps using multiple 10 watt LED emitters and they may be actuated by the high beam switch.

    The HID lamp ballast I picked up on Ebay, the ballast is a small cylinder that fits right under the left side frame cover. Here is the description:

    A picture of the ballasts. This is for a set of two like for a car.

  9. GK

    I bought my 07 in 07 and the first year could ride for hrs , but left hand and fingers went numb all the time/everytime. put on the RSTD bars and iso grips and that was the best upgrade i've done. I got my stuff on the internet at a shop in Seattle I cant remember the sexact name, but good price. You use all the origanal cabels and wiresand eveything should go smooth. Once you get them and start putting them on I can give you some more info on install.

  10. GASdar

    Thanks to all who responded and because of the comments I looked at RSTD's at the S&S website. They push the 'bagger" bars as an alternative to the RSTD's and claim the cables are a perfect fit. Plus, they are less expensive. Any thoughts on the difference between the two? What about the cables using the RSTD's vs. the Bagger bars?

  11. JuzdSdewe

    As everyone has stated above, utilizing the RSTD bars, ALL the stock cables/shtuff works just fine.
    As you stated, the bagger bars also work fine. I guess some people that HAVE bagger bars should speak up.
    I know a few people (or have heard of them), that have put on the RSTD bars, THEN the bagger bars, then some other bars, and can't remember what they all settled on, but there are some like that out there.

    Again, personally, the RSTD bars worked just fine for me. Without actually sitting on/riding/cruising with 'different' bars then that, for ME, there would be no reason to swap out again for different ones.
    My .002

    But again, the RSTD bars require NO aftermarket swapping of cables/etc, etc. etc.

  12. TribleM

    I have the bagger bars and the cables work fine.

  13. Lrtoflamancha

    One thing I have learned is you can trust everything that Shane from S&S tells you. He is great.


  14. frok

    Mate i just installed the bagger bars ex SSCUSTOMS and its like night and day for me....Dont know why i waited so long...I am 5ft 9 and always had the feeling i was leaning forward and after a while my hands would go numb and the shoulder pain would start...If i leant back i could just reach the bars with my fingertips now can reach them easy....Throttle cables are the only ones that are a bit tight i just played with different positions to get them right now they work fine although right a end of their travel when bars are turned to extreme left...Have to get used to everything being different from turning sitting different position etc but its all good...

  15. rewenuer

    To me,the rstd bars made the riding position much more natural.I can sit up straight.No lower back stretching.No between the shoulders discomfort.Don't need cramp buster anymore because my hands don't go to sleep anymore.Old bar weights ain't any good to me anymore,but the little chrome buttons that cover the allen screw are usefull.I cut my windfsheild down and tilted it back.Those chrome buttons fit real nice in the empty lower windsheild hole.Put a thin washer and a short sheet metal screw on the back side of the sheild with a little Loktight and it jazzes that hole up a little bit.

  16. ambzixzdrink

    I'm now 60 yrs old and bought a 1300t in spring of 08 while my HD was in the paint shop for a few months. I like the way the 1300 runs but have had neck and back surgery. Can only ride the star for about 30 min's before neck hurts too bad. Can you give me more info on the rstd bars? Do they give any rise and pull back compared to the stock bars? thanks.

  17. Silwerato5x5

    This will help you know what the general pullbacks and rise of different bars including the RSTD.

  18. GASdar

    Thanks to all who responded to my question about swapping out the stock bars for some with more pullback. Your comments really helped me decide what to do. I ordered RSTD Bars from Heather at Big #1 and will install them with new ISO grips.

    Any words of wisdom or watch outs when installing the bars and grips?

  19. MorkKW

    INTALLING RSTD & ISO GRIPS instructions <<-----click here

    Pictures & Instructions of removing stock handlebar, etc. <<------ click here

  20. VTvinChic

    Ditto, what our Resident 1300 Expert said.

    I have the RSTD bars to install on my 1300, and I chose them for the more natural wrist position as opposed to the bagger bars. I may also need the Rox risers to go with them for the added pullback. We'll see when it comes time.

    However, my husband's 1300 has the bagger bars. He absolutely loves them. IIRC, I believe we needed to reroute the cables behind the triple tree. No replacement needed.


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