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Roadstar Floorboard extensions for sale

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  1. MigeH

    I have a few sets of floorboard extensions for roadstars that I make for sale. They move your feet 3 1/4" forward and have a 5* tilt to them. They will work with the Yamaha big bar crashbar but I don't know which after market ones they will work with. Some of the people I have made them for have used HD roadking bars with them. These are kind of a poor mans forward controls. The only other thing you would have to buy is 8 longer bolts and 4 nuts to mount them. You can paint,powdercoat or chrome them. I just installed them as is since you don't see that much of them anyway.

    $35 shipped in the continental 48 states anywhere else is $30 plus shipping. email if interested

    I don't have a current picture but here is the original ones I made, they have more of a tilt back then the ones I make now.

  2. MigeH

    Bump, Still have these for sale


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