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  1. craikosok

    Hey gang

    I need some input on Roadburner exhaust. I am looking to add a black set of pipes to my custom and am torn between the Roadburner Streetlites and the Roadhouse Outlaw. Anyone have any experience with either?

    Also I currently have a set of v-h cruisers (love the sound just not the chrome) and the bike has been rejetted, do you think it will require rejetting again or will I be able to run the new pipes as it sits now?

  2. quicgmicg

    Those are both great choices...though decision

  3. craikosok

    the price difference is whats killing me. I know there is likely more performance to be had from a 2-1 exhaust but I like the look of 2 pipes and the outlaw is almost twice as much.

  4. quicgmicg

    Honestly..for me, the subtle difference in performance is something I wouldn't worry too much about unless I was trying to shave a 1/10th of a second off my ET at the drag strip. It's normally not enough difference to feel through the seat of your pants.

    Get what looks best to you. Personally at this point in time I happen to prefer the look of a 2-2 pipe setup....but...I'm not the guy who gets to ride it. Classic lines on a classic bike. The Outlaw looks more like a sport bike pipe.

  5. craikosok

    thanks mick. likely going with those black roadburners.

    any idea on rejetting after switching from cruisers to the roadburners?

    I am hoping it will be alright as my carb adjusting skills are poor at best and I don't get much time to get and mess around with them so if they need adjustment that will mean a trip to the dealer (dread).

  6. craikosok

    ordered the roadburner pipes last night should be about a week or so before i get them. here's the dilem23ma.

    I am planning a road trip in 2 weeks and knowing me as soon as the box arrives they'll be on the bike. if the jetting or settings are off do you think i'll damage the bike riding it hard for 1000 - 1500 miles? or do you think it might be close enough to get by without causing any future problem23s. damn i hate being impatient.

  7. damquick131

    I went from Cruzers to the Roadburner thing I EVER did, much better sound and I'm running more high pitched tinny sound at WOT. I did not have to rejet at all, no bluing on the internal pipe at all...maybe i'm lucky...but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    I'd like to see a pic of the 2 into one on a 650, I bet it will look killer!

  8. craikosok

    right on damnquick1 now I really can't wait to get my hands on them (waiting at customs).

    hope I am as lucky as you with the rejetting.

  9. zhifdhabbj6

    right on damnquick1 now I really can't wait to get...

    If you had it jetted for the other pipes, it should not be far off for these if at all. Unless you are running them unbaffled, but they should still be close.

    BTW great choice on pipes I run Roadburners on my Liner, and love em.

  10. craikosok

    pipes are on. carbs seem spot on, possibly better than the vance and hines tuning.

    love the look, love the sound. impressed so far.

    anyone know if different length pipes cause one cylinder to run hotter than than the other? or is it so minimal that its not an issue?

  11. NASCAR32

    ordered the roadburner pipes last night should be about a...

    Sorry I was late, my experience, with roadburners is rust in 3 moths and no warranty. hope you have better luck.

  12. damquick131

    not an issue, now where are the pics?

  13. craikosok

    will post some pics tomorrow with any luck. I have been waiting to get the bike as I want it before posting one in the show us your ride section.


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