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  1. cupic

    How much do you pay for insurance for a road star, bank own or own out right. Now for my 650 its $95 for the year and I own it

  2. Jonezpoj

    $298 a year full coverage Progressive, 1600 I own. The cc's is what they tend to look at.

  3. wildcatf5

    Please disregard if you feel it doesn't apply because of the bike I own...

    When I got my '09 650 Custom new in April '10, it was bank owned and I paid $213 for full coverage with $100 deductible, $3000 of allowed mods, and Road-side assistance. I paid it off at the end of November. The cost will probably not change this April when it is time to renew due to the new insurance requirements here in Texas. I may shop a little, but I expect that I will stay with Progressive. They treated me well when I went down because of the cager in September.

  4. yajare

    WOW, I wish I was paying your insurance rates. I have been driving for 30+ years with a clean driving record and I still pay $1200.00 a year, full coverage with a $500.00 deductabile.................

  5. Jonezpoj

    wow, i wish i was paying your insurance rates. I...


  6. peertuge

    I pay 325 a year with geico for my 09 road 500 deductible.

  7. BuppaKahuna

    I'd have to check to be sure but I think I pay something like $300/year for full coverage w/ a $500 deductible on my 2006 Roadstar 1700 with Dairyland Insurance. I own the bike outright but my insurance guy never asked who held the paperwork, only what kind & size the bike was so I doubt a lien should change your rates very much. I noticed the bike's value is rated at $28000 since it's a V Twin cruiser and also has coverage for $5000 in accessories on the comprehensive.

    Looks like I'm subsidizing other riders insuring some very overpriced bikes (obviously other brands). I'd have to be riding my Roadstar & have another Roadstar strapped on my back to need that kind of insurance, but that's the minimum coverage on big twin cruisers with Dairyland no matter who makes them or what they're actually worth.

    Just curious cupic - if you ride a 650 why ask about insurance on a Roadstar? Thinking about moving up? It's gonna be like going from a Ford Escort to a Corvette if you jump from a 650 to a RS. The Escort is nice, but the Vette is a beast & that comes with more cost in a lot of ways. I wouldn't trade it for anything though - I love my beast & my wife is head over heels with her 1600 Roadstar now too.


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