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Road Star Floorboard Vibration

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  1. bkettez

    I love my Road Star Midnight except for the floorboard vibration. I have asked several dealers for a solution and also searched the internet to no avail. I decided to find a solution on my own and am now working on final development. It will be called ComforCruise TM and consists of two pads that will adhere to the existing pads without adding adhesive. Installation is super simple. Just lay the pads on the existing pads and you are done. I have tested prototypes and the difference is amazing! Not shure of price yet, probably around $125. My feet used to go numb from the vibration but not any more!

    Very interested in Road Star owners' reaction.

    Pat Geddes

  2. Jonezpoj

    Never had trouble with my feet, but the hands get more sleep on a trip than I do.......... LOL

  3. roukhriter8

    Try to extend your knees as mush as you can also. Think about a set of highway pegs. There are some that mount on the crash bar. I am thinking about mounting a swing out set from under the floor boards. When I ride my Dad's bike I have the feet problem. His is a Shdow 1100 and I am kinda cramped up.

  4. pbhillibz41

    Mine (07 R*) doesn't start the flooboard vibration until about 65 or 70 mph. I don't notice it too much. But then I usually wear boots with thicker soles. But even then it's not so bad.

  5. yajare

    I use off-set highway pegs (on crash bars) and ISO grips from Kuryakan. I keep changing foot positions to lessen the effect of vibration. The ISO grips work quite well on the hands. I find that my hands do not tire as much, especially on those long road trips.

  6. pruizer

    I have a set of floorboard mounted swingout highway pegs and find they are great can have feet on boards or just heel on board and toes on pegs or hole foot on pegs. this sorted out what little vibrations i got plus allows me to move feet around heaps.
    Easy to fit and look great too


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