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Road King Rear Crash bars on V*

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  1. Tacgtriwer

    Ok, for all you fabrication types out there, here is something to ponder on your way to work.

    Ive been wanting to add rear crash bars to the V*, the chrome loops that sit in front of the bags.

    Ive attached a pic of a Road King so you can see what I mean. Also becaue I have not been able to find these special made for the V*, what would it take to mod a Harley part to fit?

    Ive seen dozens of them on the web, Ill buy them if somebody can tell me how possible it is to make them work.

  2. wzdartan

    That's a tough one. I've seen these bars on some V*'s, but I don't know who made them or if they were customized to fit. It's kind of like floorboard extension brackets that will work with highway bars without modifying anything.
    I have just completed fabricating a prototype set of brackets that will work with the highway bars, and be a simple bolt on. It looks like they are going to work well. They will move the boards 4" forward and raise the boards about 1 1/2", and they will not interfere with the Yamaha Big Bars. I do not believe anyone else makes these.
    I imagine the bars would need to bolt on to the passenger foot peg mounts somehow. It would be best if they had two different fastening points. But I would need to look at the rear of the bike to figure something out.

  3. 9Sdarz

    I would contact Lindby and ask if their rear bars would fit.

  4. wzdartan

    I thought I had seen this somewhere. I believe they modified a set of Sliverado bag mounts to accomidate the bars. Check it I think these were Yamaha Road Star bars.


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