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  1. donjlip

    I am 5'7''It seems that Yamaha thinks that everybody has long arms and legs i had this trouble way back when i had my 1986 Venture Royale That is when i bought my Harley Well i fixed the problem this time I installed the Baron DT -Pullback Riser If feels like the bike was made for me A little expensive but cheaper than a new bike Tony

  2. fromohiouza

    This is interesting. I had never considered this before but when I ride a passenger I feel like I am so far away from them because I really have to lean forward to reach the handle bars.

    It never occurred to me that I could change this with risers.

    Where can I start with this? Is it a difficult operation? Expensive?

    I would love to get my bars a little closer so I don't feel like I'm leaning over the tank.

  3. wzdar6

    baron riser on my 1100 also!! it was a great help. i have short arm and leg syndrome. i'm so comfortable now i sometimes get sleepy!!! if i remember right i paid less than 100 for the risers, but i did have to replace the front brake line. money well spent!! ranks right up there with the mustang seat and a lot cheaper.

  4. chilibebber

    There are several risers on ebay for under 50 bucks by custom fabricators or you can buy a set for around 100 bucks from th ebetter known guys like Barons

  5. eponjzdar

    1100 and it made a whole new bike out of it. I am going to have to get a little longer brake line but other than that it really made it ride a lot nicer. They were the 4" up and back type.

  6. donjlip

    I bought them at Cruiser Customizing they are no rise 2"pullback I paid 153.00I did not want the rise just the pullback These are the only set i could find with no rise I had to get a 2" longer brake line and Either modify the cable guides or just dont reuse them Make sure you follow all the steps in the install guide For me they were worth the money Tony
    PSmodel #ba-7421-00


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