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Riding the Dark side ... whatcha think ?

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  1. zumnckuj

  2. unpitten

    I've read tons of info on the darkside in recent months....... for me, I'd be too worried about what might happen if the tire came off the rim. I'd never be able to relax while on the bike so I'll stick to the over priced cycle tire and retain my piece of mind.

  3. MorkKW

    After researching car tires and listening to and speaking with many others who are presently using a CT, I've never yet heard of a single instance when there was a concern for their safety, including the fitment of a CT on our rear MC rim.

    The differences in the MC vs. the CT, which there most definitely are, can be found in their overall rideability, handling, tracking and traction. If one is interested in a tire that lasts 3 times longer than a MC tire, improves traction in less than ideal conditions and isn't concerned with flying thru the twisties in a normal and easy fashion, a CT could possibly be a consideration for them. The CT most certainly requires a different mindset when it comes to setting up the bike in and thru the turns, even during simple lane changes, as the CT will tend to want to stand up, versus a MC tire that will easily roll onto its edges very comfortably as the bike leans continuously and steadily thru a turn, or while manipulating any change of direction, even more so when maneuvering thru "S-turns." The less aggressive rider who puts lot of highway miles on their bike is the rider who has most often found the CT to be to their liking.

    Personally, I find that the advantages of a MC tire FOR ME outweigh considerably the advantages of a CT. But, back to the earlier statement of whether the CTs are safe....absolutely, they are. I'm just not a fan of them, regardless of those couple of distinct advantages they provide. I prefer the advantages found with the MC tire, regardless of having to replace them more often.



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