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Riding in Shorts??? What's Up With That?

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  1. flakkerbhil

    Skin grows back.
    Not always, and I've got the scars to prove it.

  2. Dicg

    Glad your here to tell us about it. Nothing too serious, I hope.

  3. Trollpj

    Last weekend I got hit on the leg by a Beetle at 60mph and had my sliders on, still stung, would hate to of had bare skin, would of had a welt.

    What about stones or other road debris?

    Like wearing flip-flops while riding, not all that smart but I guess it is their choice

  4. Dicg

    I copped a leaf in the face at about 180ks. Saw it falling from the tree about 30 or 40 meters away - then smacko! Hurt like hell!
    Copped a bee the same way once, close to my eye. The whole side of my face swole up. I think the bugger was flying on 'auto-sting'.

    Lol... and I guess I am not the only idiot to have almost had a foot taken off by kicking what LOOKED like an empty cardboard box on the road :-)

    EDIT; hey do big dogs count as road debris?



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