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Riding in Shorts??? What's Up With That?

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  1. TerrjB

    Yep, its all leather for me in and out of the bedroom

    Ok I meant on the road..ya

    Actually leather and mesh depending on weather. The only part of me that is fully protected is my legs from regular jeans. I going to purchase some sliders but have not yet.

    I do believe in each his own or her own I shake my head at those who ride with no helmet or gear, but its a choice and I like having choices.

  2. Shebhertezz

    SushiBiker, I don't live anywhere near you - how did you snap that pic of me?! (...and notice how I'm resisting getting into the personal rights/legislation discussion re ATGATT. It's hard, but I'm doing it....)

  3. Suzhipiger

    I knew you were vacationing in Cali this past week so I popped over. Despite all of your talk about caution and ATGATT, I always knew you were shall we say, "uninhibited".

  4. VTvinChic

    Oh, please, McPhee... you'd never grab the grips of a sport bike, let alone abandon ATGATT. Anyways, Sushi knows me by gear, especially the helmet shots!
    Although I didn't realize it was Sushi with a camera when I flashed the Warrior next to me during Demo Days! Dang, busted for Chic Gone Wild. LOL!!!!!

  5. Suzhipiger

    Oh I've definitely started that video compilation: "YMF Girls Gone Wild!" So far, I've got you and Shep on camera. All volunteers to the head of the line!

  6. Shebhertezz


  7. zdrajcad7

    i rode in shorts for the first time yesterday , just crused around town a bit , was ok untill the sun went down , then i had to stop to put on jeans , I LOST RIDING TIME !!!!!! lol

  8. jellovpee

    I will admit to riding to work in half helmet, shorts and tank top when it's hot. It's about 2 miles to and from, all in town, all under 30 mph posted. But when I head out on the highway or even just a pleasure ride around town, it's leather or mesh jacket (depending on temp), leather gloves, jeans, half helmet.
    I wrecked my bike a few years ago on the highway, when a car decided to pull out in front of me at the last moment. I wasn't wearing anything but a helmet, got skinned up pretty good. I know I should ride ATGATT and I did for a little while, but it's just way too nice to just jump on the bike and go to work in my work clothes. I know the risks and I accept them.

  9. tawetean842

    Riding into work today (in my car) I saw three crotch rockets with riders popping wheelies on the freeway. One of the riders had no shirt, the others were in t-shirts and shorts. It was crowded enough that if one of them had gone down it would have been all over for him. When the one without the shirt came passed me (on the right), I looked at him and mouthed "idiot." He promptly cut across the front of my car and I almost hit him. How stupid can you get? It's bad enough riding shirtless or in shorts, popping wheelies on the freeway and giving bikers a bad name, but to cut across a CAR that will run over you if you misjudged? I rode the crotch rockets of my day ('70s) and I can't remember trying to go so far out of my way to kill myself.
    Well I say if they're gonna be stupid,let them be plum dumb, they wont be around much longer anyway. I'd like to buy them a life insurance policy, making myself the beneficiary

  10. Abozdle146

    ive ridden in shorts one time, but it doesnt work haha. they ride up on you on these cruisers. so i always wear jeans. as for the t-shirts... well, im guilty. it just gets so damn hot here in the summer! 105+ degrees everyday! terrible. but every other time of yea but summer ill wear my leathers

  11. tawedhehuman

    I ride in the nude...only at night though!

    I'm gonna give it a go

  12. Abozdle146

    LOL! I was told that in Europe all the women ride (bikes and scooters) with high heels. Not sure about hiked up skirts and thongs tho......Anyone been to Europe to atest to this????
    naw, they all dress very warm looking all the time over there. i rarely saw any of this

  13. TimRato

    I went for a little ride today for about 45 minutes with nothing but shorts a T-Shirt and tennies on with a brain bucket of course. Been out several times with Jeans and a jacket and wearing tennies.

    Depending on what I'm doing or where I'm going I'll suit up or casually ride but I'm currently searching for a new pair of boots so... I'll rock the Nikes for a few more days.

  14. Dicg

    Skin grows back. In my book it's the bones you have to worry about, and leather, denim and silk do nothing to protect them.

    So on the rare occasions I go for a SERIOUS scratch these days I wear Motorcross boots, kneeguards, elbow guards, slippery undies (saves burns), gloves and fullface.

    Last big crash I had (have had MANY) was at over 160Ks on a straight country road outside Tamworth NSW. I was lucky enough to slide and not tumble, but I still wound up with a strange big blood clot in my elbow, despite the elbow guards. Had to go to the hospital daily to have the hole it left packed with gauze. Lol, pulling long ribbons of gauze out of my elbow was a pretty good party trick for the next couple of weeks.

    Anyway, good boots and a full-face are minimum kit for me. Might try the midnight naked riding someone mentioned though - sounds like a hoot! Would wearing boots and helmet still count?

  15. Shebhertezz

    Skin grows back.
    After much wailing and knashing of teeth

  16. Dicg

    After much wailing and knashing of teeth
    Yeah, that inevitably sets-in after all the endorphine
    euphoria wears off. Worst part of recovery (for me) is the pain when one lies down to try to try sleeping at night.

  17. zhovman

    I rode over to my mothers house last week wearing shorts, sneakers, T-Shirt, and Helmet. She climbed my butt good for not wearing ATGATT. Then she took me to lunch.

    Speaking of riding NUDE, there is a (clears throat) campground down around Lutz, Fl where one can witness this type event on a regular basis.

  18. Mondj

    Saw a Harley rider the other day wearing shorts and flip flops. I didn't think flip flops were even legal to drive a car wearing them.

  19. Shebhertezz

    Saw a Harley rider the other day wearing shorts and flip flops. I didn't think flip flops were even legal to drive a car wearing them.
    Wow, he better be careful with that HD image he swore to honour. They're going to kick him out of the kingdom....

  20. Tacgtriwer

    I think it is odd when a rider wears a full face helmet, flip flops, shorts, and tank top. What are they thinking?
    You get odd results like that when Big Brother mandates helmets. Just stayin in compliance is all.


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