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Riding in Shorts??? What's Up With That?

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  1. tmzcaine

    I must be getting old or something. I see so many people riding in shorts, sneakers and tank tops on these huge bikes. (Not limited to V-Stars) hundreds(and in some cases thousands) of cc's of power between your legs and that's the way you ride? I think people need to have more respect for what a motorcycle is capable of and have some idea of what it would be like to have your flesh torn away as you're sliding along the asphalt at 70 plus mph. I know I'm being dramatic, but with all the protective gear available, you would think people would take more care before they set out to ride.

    Keep the rubber side down y'all

  2. roukhriter8

    I worked a wreck once where a dude on a Hybusa wearing shorts, tank top, and flip flops laid er down at 45 mph. The only place he did not have road rash was his crotch, arm pits, and under his helmet. Ripped his shorts and shirt right of. He was laying there in his drawers when I got there. I went and bought a leather vest that weekend.
    I too have seen a lot more folks out there not wearing what they should.
    When I started riding my Dad told me "There's two kinds of riders. Those that have dropped it and those that are gonna drop it."

  3. Peapotj

    I won't bother to wave at statistics that thought it would be fine to hop on their bikes wearing the clothes they slept in the night before. I usually grab the side of my denims and give a couple of tugs, but I doubt they have the mental capacity to figure it out anyway.

  4. wzdar6

    i'm guilty of riding in jeans and a T-shirt,but can't ride in shorts. can't stand the thought of a yellow-jacket in my shorts!! can't ride in flip-flops or sandals either, can't stand the thought of looking like a "girlie man".

  5. popalo34

    I'm an old fashion kind of rider. Unless I'm riding up to the mail box I put on the chaps and vest good boots and gloves, I'm one of the riders that has laid it down (twice) and I won't be caught without the proper gear again.

  6. kamezbanger

    I am ordering an mesh jacket w/ armor in just a minute...however, I work in a hospital and wear scrubs and sneakers to work. I know..I suck.

  7. Sdarlikhd

    I've only been riding for a couple months, so when I get on the bike, I have all my gear on.

    I've seen A LOT of people in shorts, tank tops, flip flops, etc. My bf has actually seen someone walk out of a store with nothing except shorts on (No shirt, no shoes). The guy got on a bike and rode away. It was something like 95 degrees out at the time too- Can't imagine how you'd put your feet down on hot pavement!

  8. LDIRebroPhil

    I ride in the nude...only at night though!

  9. tmzcaine

    I hope I opened a can of worms here. I think we've all seen these fools riding up and down our streets. Please don't think I'm being judgmental, it's just something I've seen quite a bit lately. I went riding in a t-shirt and jeans and boots during our recent heat wave and turned back because I'm so much in the habit of wearing some kind of jacket, I felt naked (lol)

    Take a few minutes and check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!

  10. bazdorrop1

    I think it is odd when a rider wears a full face helmet, flip flops, shorts, and tank top. What are they thinking?

  11. Peapotj

    In Florida they don't bother with the lid either. I wear my vest all year, but its too hot (upper 90's today) to ride in full leathers except for a few months in the winter. Besides, the one time I did end up with road rash and an unscheduled nap in the middle of the street I was wearing the jacket, but the sleaves rode up my arms making for some interesting scars. My denims were in better shape than the leather jacket, too. Gloves, boots and a lid are the minimum.

    I used to work in a hospital and wore scrubs, but I would get to work early and change into the uniform. Riding in scrubs isn't much different than riding in shorts and tank-tops. No protection there. At least wear jeans. Just a suggestion.

  12. wzdar6

    unless you are wearing a leather jacket that weighs ten pounds and cost 400 bucks i think that denim is tougher. most of the leather in the affordable jackets are as thin as paper. just bought a mesh summer riding jacket that is cooler than i thought it would be. nice up to about 90° after that I'll assume the risk and ride in the T-shirt.

  13. Retlikhd

    I would definitely look into a riding jacket with Kevlar and Armor.

    I remember I wore shorts and tennis shoes when I rode dirtbikes as a kid. What a moron I was. I have the muffler burn scars to prove it...

    I couldn't feel comfortable without at least thick denim.

    Besides, what consistancy of grit is pavement?? Something like 5 grit sand paper? thanks!


  14. zcoddjraj

    Here in East Texas, you'd be a fool to wear a leather jacket, or a jacket of anykind, in our summer weather. If us riders here were like some of you guys(y'all have to be more than fully covered), we'd only ride about 6 months out of the year. There is no way I can take to the road, in the months of may, apr, june, july, aug, sept, in all the 'protection' you guys wear. If you are going 70 and you wipe out, do you think that a jacket is really gonna make that much of a difference? I don't.

    I ride with ALOT of folks, and several motorcycle groups, all ranging in ages from 20 to 65yrs, and I know of noone that wears chaps and a jacket past the month of March.

    And I'll run up to the conveinence store in shorts, if its just a short, quick trip. And don't think I'm some kind of newbie.....I've been riding most of my life, and I'm 36.

  15. Trollpj

    I don't understand the filp flop wearing!

    I mean no way in hell you get good footing with flip flops!

    Tennies are bad enough, but atleast they have traction but no ankle support (unless high-tops).

    Seen a guy on sunday wearing sun glasses, Shorts, mussle shirt and flip flops on a FJR heading out to the highway. He looked about 21-23, temp was 72 deg so heat was not the factor!

    Last night seen two riders ahead of me one with full protection (including a safety vest over his jacket) riding a scooter the other a lady on a crouch rocket with tennies, shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses. The lady on the CR was weaving in and out of traffic doing too fast for rush hour (45 in a 35 or more).

    The gas prices are making more statistics I do not like and hope my insurance doesn't jump because of IDIOTS!

  16. Driwetapisnezz

    I will admit...the other day I took my bike to the self wash wearing 3/4 helmet (mandatory in CA - would have worn it anyway) ,gloves, shorts, tennies & t-shirt.

    It was about 1 mile to and from. Really hot day and the thought of "if I fall down without my gear on I'll be really mad at myself" went through my mind the whole time.

    I have a vented jacket but need to look for a mesh one. I can't imagine flip flops...but I see guys in tanks/shorts/flips all the time. Mostly on sport bikes, though. I have noticed a lot of Harley riders (not trying to start a riot) riding in tanks/tees lately.

  17. Kos

    Maybe they are hiding behind the helmet, embarrassed for not wearing SOME protection.

  18. Peapotj

    Speaking from experience, the one good thing about road rash - you don't feel a thing until you wake up.

  19. yerzejricg

    ...You should see some of the stuff here at the beach. $30k bikes and the owner has on nothing but shorts and flip flops (hello!) and not just riding around town, highway cruising too at 70 - 75mph...

  20. MigejCojode

    ...You should see some of the stuff here at the beach. $30k bikes and the owner has on nothing but shorts and flip flops (hello!) and not just riding around town, highway cruising too at 70 - 75mph...
    You would figure bugs, road dirt and rocks would make these guys at least throw on a pair of jeans. I can't imagine what flip-flops act like at highways speeds but it can't be comfortable either.

    Me I'll stick to my boots, denim, leather and gloves.


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