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Riding across our land...and fishing for a few tips

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  1. zhuzvaber

    Well folks...the wife and I are going to ride our 09 across Canada this summer...this is not the first time. We did it back in98 on my well storied ST1100. The RSV has only got 4,000 kms on it...oil is fresh, coolant up to leaks of any kind. Now, any tips out there u might want to throw at me?! This trip will accumulate a distance of about 16,000 kms if all goes to plan...I am running with synthetic 5-40 and will have spare oil and coolant on board, as well as a few tools and emergency first aid kit. Im an older dog now and have been riding since69...but that doesnt mean I know everything. I always want to learn more, so lets hear what u have to say. Thanks in advance!! Regards, Shu.

  2. hik4z

    Take a couple of spare fuel filters. If you hit bad gas you can clog one.

  3. zmogejyoe

    A member on this forum, UglyBeard, recently completed a ride from Florida to Alaska and kept a blog of his adventure. The last entry of his blog has a good listing of what I describe as "lessons learned" on the journey; especially in regards to clothing. It is not long and might contain a few tips you may find useful:

    Enjoy and be safe!

  4. Merlin595

    My only advice for long trips is to bring plenty of water/drinks and some snacks for the road. The wind will dehydrate you quickly, even if you don't feel "dry", and you can become fatigued. And you can't always rely on finding something to eat on the road if you're on an adventure. A few different sunglasses help, like a dark pair, a lighter pair, and maybe a clear/amber pair so you can adjust for changing light conditions.

    As far as mechanical, I bring some basic tools and ALWAYS a tire repair kit. Not much else. You can't plan for everything.

    You can, however, plan to have a good time.

  5. shopshirt69

    My wife and I did Texas - San Diego, CA last December. Some things we really needed, others we did not. I believe we were over-packed and removed almost 8lbs of snacks and extra gear right before we left. I would lay out what you think you need then see what is a nice to have or do you really need it...

    Remember stuff like AA batteries are everywhere (we packed our own spares , a bag of about 24 AA and AAA batteries weighs a ton and takes up space)

    I over-packed tools. Basically, you only need the bike's basic tool kit and maybe a few sockets and allen wrenches with an extension or two that will allow you to reach things like the battery.

    Unless you are a super mechanic, anything that would require serious removal of engine parts probably should go to a shop. Also, you probably are not going to have access to the parts necessary to fix the problem23 anyway.

    Maybe at the most bring some spare signal and headlight bulbs and a set of spark plugs for your bike.

    A Load Plan, list or diagram, helps you remember where you stuffed those items that tend to hide when you need them.

    Designate certain areas for certain things. Think about what you might need and put those items on top where you can access them without having to empty your saddlebags to find that buried whatchamacallit at night or in the rain.

    Make a list of service departments along your way. Or you can google it from a cell phone if you have that capability. AAA works well and gave us a fill-up when we ran out of gas. or I think you guys have CAA.

    Try adventure riders they have some great tips for high mileage trips.

    We are going from Mexico - Canada this Summer camping it most of the new mantra is light and simple yet just enough to make us comfortable.

    Oh and most importantly, relax and have fun

  6. matcruser


  7. yhoower

    shopshirt69 if you trip is going to take you through MN let me know. There's some great riding between the Twin Cities and the Canadian border and some of it is along Lake Superior.

  8. yajare

    Just to add a few items to the growing list:

    * Pack in ziplock bags. Squeeze the air out and they pack very neatly.
    * Mail out clothing to yourself and back home.
    * I bring along a list of in-case-of-emergency contacts along the way. People or business's that I can contact if need be.

  9. shopshirt69

    shopshirt69 if you trip is going to take you through...

    Thanks for the offer. Won't make it to MN this trip maybe a different trip.



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