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  1. 4mrAkankmpr

    I stsrted riding while in the Navy in '74. First bike was a '72 Kawasaki 350 Bighorn. Following bikes were all Hondas- '73 Cl350 (stolen), '74 CB450, '75 CB400 Four, '76 CB550F,CB900F (wrecked), and finally, '85 VF700Sabre. The last was drivable until @'96, when I had to take the carbs out due to the inner two being clogged. No local Honda mechanic would tell me how to get the carbs back in as a unit, so the bike was, and still is idle. Bought my '07 V Star Cassic in May of this year, and despite a two week vacation, have put 5000 miles on it so far. Mods to date make it similar to a Silverado. Most riding is commuting via highways in Big D.

  2. Hacgzav

    Welcome to the forum. Post often, and keep the rubber side down.

  3. Nidhhokr

    Welcome to "The Forum" and Be Safe. Hacgzav good to hear you again there are a few around that were worried about you and an accident in Ala.

  4. BikDok

    Welcome aboard!

  5. Trollpj

    Welcome Aboard!

  6. Jonezpoj

    Welcome to the site.


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