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Replacing Brakes and Tires

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  1. merlinof2506

    I searched the forums and found 4 relevant threads about brake noise without a real resolution. So I'm creating a multipurpose thread here so bear with me on the initial problem description.

    07 650 Silverado, I've now got 10,000 miles on it in about 14 months of riding. Hate the original Bridgerock Tires and I'm about to replace them.. pored over the postings having the initial Metzeler, Dunlop, and Avon solutions in mind, however, I was unable to find a bad posting on Pirelli MT66's anywhere, in fact, nothing but rave reviews in all conditions. So I went with them...

    Found the OEM size front and rear for the 650 at for really great prices: front, MSRP $112 for $67 and rear, MSRP $151 for $90 and shipping was $14.60... they should be here Wednesday the 16th.

    I'm taking the front and rear wheels off myself and having a local bike shop do the mounting/balancing, and additional JuJu chanting over them...

    While the wheels are off, I figure it's as good a time as any to replace those d*&n squealing pads/shoes... The only thing I've found that seems to address the squealing problem are the EBC shoes/pads.. so I'm going to get them, however:

    Having never replaced or worked on bike brakes before (but hundreds of cage brake jobs), what are the additional parts, tools, mantras, things I need to have to complete the change? Are there special lubes other than normal "disk brake quiet" for the pad backs, or graphite for the caliper sliders, (are there caliper sliders?), etc...

    any help would be greatly appreciated.. sorry for the long posting but I tend to be extremely thorough in my explanations and questions...


  2. quicgmicg

    Just clean everything well....a couple cans of Brake Clean will do. EBC are good pads.....don't add anything to them, just put them in after everything is clean. If you've done brakes on a car, these are pretty much the same. Use a C clamp to carefully press the caliper pistons in...put on the pads and ride.....

  3. merlinof2506

    Thanks QM...

    I've got that all stuff at the house now... Specifically addressing the rear brake shoes, are there any springs, hold downs, etc that normally fail that can be replaced while I've got everything off??? the drawings in the Tech Manual are pretty sketchy (no pun intended).....



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