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  1. HarlejSlajer

    I am in the process of putting together a Raider Ride in to Reno next June. Tenatively planned for June 18-20. Friday evening Meet-n-Greet. Saturday Ride around Lake Tahoe with scenic stops along the way, and back to Reno for a Saturday night get together. Sunday mourning breakfast and picture shoot. If there is enough interest in doing this I will make further plans as far as exact meeting location, hotel, dining, etc. So let me know.

  2. jadezraiter

    I am interested!! I live in Sac and would love to meet up with some other riders in Reno... If we have enouph people we may be able to find a discount on rooms.

  3. retzdarraiter

    make sure you leave enough time to schedule this.

  4. Cjanite

    I am in Sacramento as well...and i am lookin for a ride too.

  5. zhifdhabbj6

    I'm in Sacramento also! Are Liner riders welcome? We share the same motor.

  6. 3RetquodSquod

    Count me in....Currently living in Vegas, but I will be back in NORCAL by then

  7. olttok

    I am interested....keep me in mind when plans are made !! Stockton, CA


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