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Removing Pin Stripe Decals on Fuel Tank?

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  1. yohncudd

    I have the Silver 950T and would like to remove the pin striping from the fuel tank. Does anyone have an idea on the best way to get them off without damaging the paint? I have use WD 40 and my thumbnail to get the warning sticker off, but I'm not sure what method to use on the pin stripes.

  2. pjdor542

    I don't know for sure but I would guess the pinstripes are not going to come off like all of the other decals. I am almost certain they are under the clear coat, whereas the other decals were applied after the clearcoat. I think to remove them you would need to remove them and repaint the tank.

  3. dveag29

    What he said.

    You CAN do it, but unless you are adept at paint and bodywork I would take it to a shop and have them do it. They will sand away the clear and peel the decals off, then spray and blend the area with a coat of clear. Even then your results may not be perfect (likely left with faint "lines" of clear where your decal once was).

    This is what kept me from the blue, I did not like the decals and did not want to deal with professional removal. So...Red (I still like the blue color better) it was! Best decals of the bunch IMO.

  4. cole2273

    I might be wrong but I think on the 950, some of the pinstripes are paint and some are sticker. like fenders are stickers and the tank is painted. but I could be wrong, it might be a different bike that I'm thinking of.

  5. dveag29

    That is correct. With the exception ofd the tank decals, all others
    are easily removed.

  6. yaro

    on my 1100 it looks like the pinstripes on the tank are under the clear coat. It looks like I could remove them from the fenders, but not from the tank.

  7. yohncudd

    thanks folks...I took a close look last night and there is clear coat over the stripes. I guess I'll just live with them, and use my cash to get other upgrades. My mustang seat is on it's way. Next is Pipes and efi fuel controller


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