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removed the baffles

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  1. JacgieW

    I wanted to try this but didnt want to ruin my perfect mufflers in case I didnt like it. I got a pair of decent ones with some scratches off ebay for .99 plus $20 shipping. Didnt like the sound with just the baffles removed so went to Home Depot and bought the sink pipe I had read about. I cut it down to a length (2 1/2") that made it sound like I wanted, inserted into muffler, and tack welded in 3 places each. DUDE......what a difference it made in the way it runs. I went for a test ride around the block and came back with a speeding ticket for 52 mph in a 30 mph zone ($227). I will be drilling my good mufflers to replace the scratched ones unless I break down and buy an aftermarket set. This really is a great modification if your on a tight budget like me.

  2. chitter4

    If you want to try an all out mod as long as you have a set of pipes at your disposal, use a chop saw and cut the whole end off about .75" in front of the tapered tip. Go slow as not to burn and blue the chrome. And by the way the bottomed one sucks to do, then pull the entire baffle out. Very loud deep sound.


    I too have been thinking about this mod for my 08 1100. Do you still need to rejet? Depends on who I talk to, I seem to get different opinions. Dont want to hurt the motor, not mech. inclined in carb dept.

  4. JacgieW

    We had a cold front come in the day I did it so really have not rode enough to know if it needs jetting. I have a feeling that it may have already been done as I had a lot of popping with the stock exhaust. The previous owner added a lot to this bike so I think he may have had pipes on it at some time and took them off before selling the bike. I will be riding a lot tomorow and see how it does.


    Let me know how it went. Ive got a few months to go before I can get the bike out here in Michigan. Dont have alot of cash for mods this year so I want to do the exhaust mod so I can save up to get a comfy seat

  6. 13bizdank

    if you are planning on cutting your good pipes i would like to know how they sound i will buy the set you cut already

  7. vgink18054

    I took the rear baffles out of mine last summer and did not rejet. so far no problems.

  8. JacgieW

    I have put a couple of hundred miles on the pipes and no problems. I think they sound great and actually less popping than with the stock mufflers.

    13bizdank - I think I am going to keep these on it for a while. You can probably get a nicer set than these on ebay for what it would take for me to break even and the shipping. I have about $30 in these and shipping would be $20 to $25. These are pretty scared up for that price.

  9. 13bizdank

    i did find a set on ebay they should be here this week thanks for writeing back though


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