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Removal of Stock Vstar 1100 pipes

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  1. rcortial4

    Trying to remove orginal equipt pipes from a 06 vstar 1100 silverado to replace with baron slip ons.. Any tricks of the trade to remove them easily? Have been on the bike since 06 --6,000 miles. Removed the 3 bolts, able to move them slightly from side to side and up and down but not having a great deal of luck pulling them off.. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated...

  2. ritecabdain

    undid the bolts and slipped them staight off.should slide easily if all bolts are loose

  3. hitoa

    It took me and another person helping..
    One person to remove the muffler body and one to hold the bike/head pipes...

  4. Rjter
    This link may help you. It's how to install the Roadhouse 65 slipon's, but it's got a lot of little tricks in it from someone who has already experienced your adventure.
    Good luck


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