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Removal of Quick Release Yamaha Sissy Bar

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  1. roadie6

    Can't figure out how to remove the Yamaha QR backrest. Not sure which way to turn the key too. Anyone know how?

  2. coukar4

    There's a latch lever on each side at up\" class=\"ymln\">the back inside the the back rest frame that has to be press upward to release. Open saddle bags-press upward on the levers and at the same time pull upward on the backrest and it will come off.As far as the key I'm not sure I never lock mine.

  3. 13oSc

    I can't recall the key position, but I know you can peek and see the tang move out of the way...I advise you to be careful taking it off: it can be a finger pincher and a fender scratcher!

  4. roadie6

    Thanks so much for the info and warnings! Worked great!! The key lock is turned to left or counter-clockwise to unlock.

  5. ntmom

    Wish I would have had the warning. Got both, pinched fingers and a scratch! See, always best to read here first!!

  6. kamezbanger

    Make sure that the steel rollers that the hooks connect to roll freely. I had trouble with mine until I loosened an over tightened bolt.

  7. roadie6

    This is the best forum for our bikes! Lots of knowledgeable and friendly folks willing to share. All you need to do is ask.


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