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Removal of grips

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  1. pigerchic

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to take of the grips
    and not ruin them or am I just dreaming?? Any help would be great!!

  2. Ravhite

    The only grip that is a concern is the left grip rubber and this can easily be removed by one of the following ways;

    1) inject compressed are under the grip

    2) WD40 worked under the grip

    3) A long flat bit screwdriver worked under and around the grip

    Everything else is simple removal.

  3. N2cr7zharg

    If you want to reuse them and use WD40, wash them with soap and water as soon as possible and let them fully dry before regluing as the WD40 will hinder the glue sticking unless you get it off good. Otherwise, I used WD40 and a small flat head screwdriver on mine and it came off pretty from both sides.

    Also, assuming these are stock grips: the grip on the right really isn't glued (or wasn't on mine), it's just really stuck on the ribs of the throttle sleeve. The WD40 lubricates it enough to get a screwdriver in there to pop the grip off the ribs of the sleeve and slide it off.

  4. pigerchic

    They are aftermarket grips so hopefully not to glued on LOL!! Thanks
    a lot guy's!!

  5. Jonezpoj

    I got the left grip off my Royal Star using the ol ladys hair dryer.

  6. VzdarManiac

    I used rubbing alcohol for mine. Came off instantly, and the alcohold dried up right after.

  7. LoneEakle

    I used compressed air, a small flat screw driver, and soap. Then pull from the top of the grip. Maybe find an open end wrench that will just fit over the bar and pull on that to take the grip off.


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