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Relocating helmet lock on 1100 Custom

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  1. zdewea

    I have saddlebags on my 1100 Custom which prevent me from using the helmet lock. I'm looking for a product or fix that would allow me to relocate the helmet lock so that I can use it. I would prefer to do this so that I can use the bike's ignition key rather than having to carry another key.

    An online vendor (Metric Horse) offered a bracket that that would allow you to relocate the lock to the front fender but after repeated attempts to get one sent to me I had to cancel the purchase, so their product is not an option for me.

  2. alexM712

    I found a nut to fit the screw that holds the lock on and relocated it to the license plate holder. Not the best location but works. Others here have mounted theirs on the sissy bar, or made a mounting plate and installed it on the front fender mounts. Do a search and you will find several post. May also be some in the Knowledge Base.
    I can't see any relocation kit being more than a piece of metal with a few holes drilled in it, and maybe bent to fit. Should be able to make one yourself.

  3. CruizerBruizer

    I can't tell from your picture, do you have highway bars? A helmet lock can be mounted there, too, depending on the bars. I just put a Lindby Multibar on mine and don't think there's room for one on that, at least not that's either attractive or practical. What about the handle bar? Not sure how that would look...

  4. pajlineryohn

    I drilled a hole in the flat part of the saddle bag bracket just behind the passenger foot peg on the left side of the bike and remounted the holder there I can still use the same key and my helmet clears the ground by at least 2 inches. It works great and didnt have to buy a thing. Try it its a real easy fix.


  5. pluezantplacg

    I relocated mine to the license plate holder also

  6. oudlavtako

    Some dude on Ebay sells a relocation kit that mounts to the passenger peg mount you could probaly make your own

  7. ironi626

    i put a kuryakin helmet lock on the frame by the rear wheel (right over the recommended air pressure sticker). i hang the helmet on the passenger footpeg and lock the D-ring in the lock. fits nicely under the saddlebag.

  8. ritinktouple

    i have a luggage rack on mine ,,so i put it on the side of great,,

  9. zdewea

    I've gotten lots of good ideas....thanks. Now I need to look at the options suggested and decide which will work best for me.

  10. quicgmicg

    Nobody mentioned this one yet? I thought it was kind of cool....

  11. tunc

    heres another thread you might want to look at

  12. piknumper1

    i know there are some aftermarket ones that will mount to anything that is tubing (engine guards, sissybar, etc)...last one i saw was adjustable between 7/8" and 1", costs about $20 retail.


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