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Rejett and oil change...HELP!!

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  1. kolf173

    I just bought a 2008 Vstar 1100 Custom, blue with silver stripes this past Friday. I am new to bikes and just began to learn Friday. After a few days of cruisin the subdivision its going awesome!! I know nothing about bikes.....

    The bike has 600 miles on it right long is the break in period and how long does a bike need to be broke in and is there a special way to do it other than not running it hard?

    How often should you change the oil...

    And finally...the guy I bought the bike from had Cobra pipes put on the bike. It pops a little bit here and there and he says the bike does not need to be rejetted? Should I take it to have it rejetted? How much does this cost roughly????

    Thanks so much!!!

  2. vakonman

    Hey kolf173,
    My understanding is that unless the air intake is increased via an aftermarket mod you don't need to rejet. Without the increase in air flow the air to fuel ratio hasn't changed with just adding aftermarket pipes.
    You may have to remove the AIS to eliminate the popping on deceleration.

  3. kolf173

    What does AIS stand for and is it a do it yourself project or not?

  4. A1zbordztat

    AIS stands for Air Induction System. It is an emissions control system that allows air to be drawn into the exhaust downstream of the cylinder head to ignite unburnt fuel vapor. I have an '05 1100 and I did a complete AIS removal this spring when I replaced the pipes and added an air kit. It was a piece of cake. You have a catalytic converter on yours, so I'm not sure how that affects things.

  5. vakonman

    AIS is the Air Induction System. It is comprised of a vacuum line from the front carb, a "pump" inside the left side cover and the chrome lines running to the exhaust port of each cylinder. It injects fresh air into the exhaust ports to burn off any unspent fuel in the exhaust gasses.
    It is easily removed. I did mine and I'm at best a novice mechanic. Look on the Slone Services web site for great instructions.

    You can do it.

  6. bkman

    Congratulations on your purchase - you got a good one. The blue customs with silver stripes are the fastest

    Officially, the break in on these bikes is 1000 miles. The first 600 are supposed to be under 50 MPH, and no steady cruising at ANY speed. Also, for the first 1000 miles, no wide-open throttle (3/4 throttle max) and no extended idling. Also, you are at a critical break-in service interval right now (600 miles). There a number of things that should be done at 600 miles, but the critical stuff is engine oil and filter (change), rear hub oil (change) and your valves are supposed to be adjusted. This is just my opinion, but if you plan on keeping this bike a while, I would suggest having this service performed by the dealer or competent bike shop - it is probably the most important service of the bike's life.

    Since the previous owner obviously didn't re-jet, I would say he probably didn't change any carb settings or disable the AIS, either. It is likely that all you need to do is disable the AIS if you want to stop the popping. Then again, there's no harm in letting it pop a little on deceleration.

    The stock intakes on our bikes are rather convoluted and restrictive - so there's a decent amount of extra power waiting to be unleashed. You will have to un-cork the intake if you want the extra grunt, though.

    You say you are new to bikes. Please, if there are motorcycle safety courses offered in your area, consider signing up for one. Motorcycling is one of the most satisfying, exhilarating experiences I've ever found (the other, I won't write about here) but riding can go from the pinnacle of absolute joy to total heartbreaking devastation in a millisecond. I think that is why some of us like it so much - it's a rush. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we want you to put countless safe and happy miles under you and your V-Star. A motorcycle safety course will not make you a good rider, but it will teach you the basics of survival out there, and illustrate the dangers you will encounter on a motorcycle (and how to best deal with them). In Florida, the three-day motorcycle safety class is mandatory now (I think other states are doing this too). While I don't really agree with it being mandatory, I do think that the course saves lives every day.

    Good luck to you, and be safe out there no matter what you do. You've tapped into a fantastic resource here - I've never been part of a forum so awesome as this. There are many good people here who will help a brother (or sister) any way they can. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

  7. kolf173

    Thanks a lot bkman!! How much will it cost, roughly to do all of those things...oil change...adjust valves and change rear hub oil?

    Response to your comments:

    Break in- Since I have got it I have not had it over 30MPH, due to I am just learning and riding around the neighborhood and have not let it idle at all hardly. I am planning on keeping this bike for a long time so I will def. go to my dealership this week and talk to them about it.

    REJET? so I guess I do not need to rejett? I am not sure if he messed with the carb settings...I dont think he did.

    UNCORK- I am not looking for power or to go extrememly fast...just looking for a nice toy to cruise on and have fun. To be honest with you I could careless how fast it is or how big or small the motor is. All I care about is if I am comfortable on it and it gets me where I want to go for fun.

    SAFETY COURSE- yes they do offer them in the state of IL but they are booked up in my area until September.

  8. bkman

    The first (600 mile) service was included in the purchase price of my bike, so I am not sure what it costs. I am thinking it was in the neighborhood of $400 . Sorry to break that news to you. I still think it is worth it to at least have this initial service performed.

    If the rider safety courses are not readily available, and it is impractical to drive a little while to get into one elsewhere in the state, I would suggest the "Ride like a Pro" series of DVDs (I think there are three of them). These may be available through netflix, or your local video rental shop. They teach most of the same basic things in these videos as in the safety classes, but the one-on-one instruction you get is obviously missing (as are the practical exercises on an actual motorcycle). You will have to use your own bike for the practical exercises - so be careful not to drop it. I am not sure how they do it in IL, but you must have a seperate endorsement to legally ride in FL. Before they made the safety class mandatory, you had to take a written test to get a restricted rider's permit, and then you had to wait at least 30 days (I beleive) to go back and take the practical (riding) test. If that is the case where you live, some formal instruction - even if it is just from a DVD - will go a long way.


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