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  1. retzdarraiter

    any and all from md. hit me up!

  2. Jonezpoj

    Not from there, but could use a few bucks for tires for my pickup........sorry man I couldn't help myself..........

  3. retzdarraiter

    what the f does that mean

  4. SajIdAindSo

    what the f does that mean
    Hit you up......... for a loan. Lol, I'm sure he's good for it.

    My brother lives in Annapolis off Taylor across from the stadium. Its a real nice town and I've been to quite a few really good shows at the Rams Head.

    I'm trying to talk the wife into doing an Iron Butt ride, 1,000 miles in 24 hours. Its 900+ miles from Tally to Annapolis so it would probably be the run we make if I can talk her into it. I'll give you pm so we can go for a ride if it happens.

  5. bolxc5

    Welcome from Pa


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