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Recommended sissy bar bag?

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  1. DaweA

    I hike a lot and want to start taking my bike more often. I'm looking for a nice sissy bar bag. Most of the ones I see are simply too big. I have the short sissy bar but regardless of that fact, it seems most of the sissy backpacks are for weekend trips or something. At the same time, I think a roll bag wouldn't be enough.

    Anyone have any recommended backpacks on the smaller side? I have a 650 classic.



  2. Mondj

    I use a small leather bag and there are many out there if you do a search on the web. Anything larger would require a rack and I don't have one at this time.

  3. quicgmicg

    Finding what you think is just the right bag is always a difficult proposition. I'm always looking. Surprisingly, the last couple of bags I've got have not been made for motorcycles, I got them from an outdoor equipment supplier.

    You may end up finding a good hiking backpack or something more suited to the size you're looking for. Then simply adjusting it to fit your sissy bar. It's really not all that difficult especially of you have a sissy bar rack. You may just need a couple extra straps to hold everything down.

  4. LasjDavk

    This is a Willie and Max Grey Thunder Bag on the back of Jeanette's old Shadow 600. That bike is comparable size to your 650. Willie&Max offer different styles, like studds, conchos, different colors, etc.

    Good bag, not overly large. Nice to put little things, or even one of those little soft coolers, or gloves, glasses, etc.

  5. ylvrikhd

    Here is what I'm going to get this Spring. They make several sizes. My reason for buying this brand is for the back rest that is built in and the fact that I can put a helmet inside the XL bag.

  6. retzdarraiter

    i dunno how big you want to do but swomack has one that attaches to his left rear swing arm that lookd pretty cool. do a search.


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