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Rear Light colors

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  1. Tacgtriwer

    Ok, I want to add a light feature to the rear of a luggage rack I am building.
    It will end up bieng just above the plate.

    It will run when the bike is on, but not as a brake or turn signal.

    So doe I have to use red? Or can I use a different color for this application as long as the stock lights are there?

    I live in AZ

  2. yaro

    I don't see this being a problem. JMHO. The problem is if they are too distracting, they may take the following car attention away from your stock signal lights.

  3. chitter4

    In South Dakota it is ok if they do not flash, and no red facing forward.

  4. roukhriter8

    Alabama law states that rear lights can be red, amber, or any color in between. Mostly rear constant lights are red with the signals being amber if you wish.

    I am sure that most states are pretty much the same as the DOT has set standards for new car manufacturers.

  5. bkman

    In Florida, you can not use blue - on any part of the bike. Also, I think federal DOT regulations are pretty specific about what colors can shine when the brakes and turn signals are on. Red and amber are pretty much the acceptable colors. I'd just stick witih red, if it is on all the time, or make sure you can change the color easily if you get cited for a violation.

  6. Jonezpoj

    Out here if it's going to be a tail light, no turn or brake, it has to be red.....

  7. MorkKW

    Hey, TD.

    State laws pertaining to lighting vary from state to state, which means you may want to check with your specific state. Some are more restrictive than others regarding the color of lights that are acceptable for both the front and rear. For example, here in FL we can have only red, amber or yellow at the rear of the bike, except for the white license plate and back-up light when applicable. Front...other than the headlight, amber only.

    I just took a quick peek and found this site, one that explains the laws as they pertain to each state. Once there, you'll need to hunt around for info pertaining to motor vehicles, also for lighting, for which there are several statutes to be found.

    State Statutes

    Stay well.


  8. Tacgtriwer

    Looks like I can use Red. The Man sure doenst like creativity now does he?


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