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  1. silverfox39

    I have an '02 1100 Classic and I'm thinking about taking off about five inches
    from the back of the rear fender. Anyone done this before? Any problems this might create?


  2. quicgmicg

    why not sell your fender as it is....they go for good $$ and would sell quickly. Then pick up a Custom fender...with a few simple modifications it should fit...and they are a lot less $$ than Classic'd have enough left over for more goodies....

    ... in answer to your question though.....yes it can be done. You can cut all the way to the rear eyebrow bolts if you want.

  3. silverfox39

    Thanks for the suggestion. Rather than sell my rear fender, I'll probably just cut it. It has already been modified so that there is no tail light. It's all just smooth........looks like yours from what I can tell. If I could figure out how to up load a picture, I'd include it, but I'm not good with computers. Anyway, thanks for your input. I just think the bike will look better without that long fender.

    Silver Fox

  4. tunc

    here you go silverfox39
    Sissy Bar Insert

    about uploading pics to the site for you


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