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Really stupid question.

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  1. tpaligo

    What are the numbers for the two headlight bulbs. I can't find the numbers in my manual.

  2. SdradoFret

    They are available from an auto parts store.

    Bulb# is 9006 for low beam, H7 for high beam.

    For an Upgrade:

    Low Beam is Silverstar Ultra 9006 HB4 12V 51W HB4 aka 9006 ST

    High Beam is Silverstar Ultra H7ST 12V 55W H7

  3. tpaligo

    Thank you.

  4. cowenandranch

    There are no stupid questions. Some of us are just less informed than others. I fall into the less informed category.

  5. Jonezpoj

    I was thinking the only stupid question, is the one that isn't asked......


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