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Re-Jetting my V Star

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  1. retzdaret

    You can roll to Napa and get a fuel filter to at least eliminate that. With 127.5 jets, you should not need a higher flow filter. It could be clogged, but it could be a bunch of other things as well.

  2. VinceWylde

    And on that note the worst part about living in Key West, FL is the fact that there is nothing here. 1 Yamaha shop and 1 Napa. No major dealer haha. I'm going to stop by Napa after work and check to see if they have a replacement. If they dont i was thinking of removing the filter and blowing it out with gaseous nitrogen. If clogged, that might get some of the gunk out

  3. VinceWylde

    Some new info... I bought a filter from napa it was only $4. And replaced the old one. Still having the same problems and waiting on the shop to call so I can bring my bike in for adjustments

  4. VinceWylde

    So my mechanic is away for the Holidays...and the Toys for Tots ride is Sunday...I have NO idea what to do with my bike. I hate the fact that i have to ask questions about it on here bcuz i should kno enough to fix it myself. But after the rejetting and the fuel filter swap im completely lost on where to go next...Thanks again guys!



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