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Re-Jetting my V Star

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  1. VinceWylde

    What's up everyone? just a quick question about my '05 V Star 650 Classic. I recently replaced my hypercharger intake with the cone intake. I also was told that the bike would need a re-jetting because of the swap. Right now if i ride the fuel/air mixture isnt right and the bike chokes out. I was wondering if the re-jetting would honestly improve the performance of my bike and fix the choking problems. Thanks again and pics of my bike will be posted later on today

  2. yhennlj

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I think the HC and the Cone should be similar. However, rest assured, if the air/fuel mixture is even a little off, the bike will have issues. I have no experience with the cone air filter, so don't hold me to that comparison. Maybe someone will chime in soon with a little better insight than I can give.

  3. retzdaret

    They are similar, but if your HC is jetted to the settings from the box, the GAK (cones) will not work well. Check out this chart for settings.

  4. VinceWylde

    Thanks a lot guys. I already have swapped out the HC for the Cone and ordered my Jet kit. Hopefully the rejetting will help out!! Thanks again!

  5. retzdaret

    Thanks a lot guys. I already have swapped out the...

    What jet kit did you order. I don't think you want to wast money on a kit. You really should be able to just buy a couple of individual jets for like $5.

    Do you know how it is setup now. Your current settings would really help.

  6. VinceWylde

    I ordered the Cobra jet kit on eBay. It was $70. And the quote I got from the Yamaha shop here said he would re jet it for around $100. Maybe a little more money that what i shoulda spent but i want to make sure it's done right.

    that is the link to the jet kit i bought

  7. quicgmicg

    Let us know what you find out

  8. retzdaret

    I ordered the Cobra jet kit on eBay. It was...

    I really hate to say it but those kits truly are a big wast of money. If you can cancel your order you should. You can order the individual jets from here.

    $3.25 each. You do not want to change the pilot jet on the 650 ever so you don't need it and you can get #4 washers from Radio shack cheep to shim the needles. Cobra I don't think even supplies Mikuni brand jets. The kit is really not what you need to do it right. I will be happy to help you out with the right size jets and such to get the job done right yourself. It is not hard at all. Please check out this site.

  9. VinceWylde

    Honestly i do not know enough about bikes to be able to adjust anything as far as the fuel/air or carburetor goes. And i cant cancel my order now cuz it's already been shipped :/ I really do appreciate the help. Like i said the reason why i wanted the re-jetting kit and it done professionally is because whenever the previous owner put the HC on the bike and the cobra pipes he never readjusted it either. From what your saying it would be so much easier and cheaper but i cant cancel that order lol

  10. retzdaret

    I'm sorry to hear that. Please let us know how it goes with it being done for you. If you have an pobs with how it comes out, maybe we can help.

  11. VinceWylde

    As soon as i got done typing that previous message i went and checked the mail and it was already here haha. I'm goin to the local Yamaha shop tomorrow afternoon to get it worked on. Thanks again for every1's help and if there are problems you will be the first i come to!

  12. VinceWylde

    So here's the latest news on my rejetting. Yamaha took the bike last night and installed my Cobra jet kit. And when the bike was returned the same problem is happening. Too much air/not enough fuel. It's not as bad as before though. They suggested i change out my fuel filter because it might be clogged. Does that have any relevance to my problem? The dealer said if that doesnt work then he will take it back and do some more tweaking. Any other suggestions out there? Thanks a bunch!

  13. retzdaret

    Do you know what jets and settings they jetted it to? My guess is they changed out your pilot screw and used too small a main jet. Dealers are notorious for doing this. Most other bikes that type of jetting works, but not on the 650.

  14. VinceWylde

    I'm not exactly sure of the settings they used. But with the chart you posted from what I understand I'm supposed to use the GAK settings? So for the GAK settings with my cobra pipes the setting should be 122.5 - 127.5? Or should I be using another type of jet?

  15. retzdaret

    I would go to the high side of that, 127.5. Those are Mikini jet sizes. Your kit prob had dynojet jets. You will have to convert the sizes. The other thing I am worried about if the stock pilot jets were replaced either now or before.

  16. VinceWylde

    I honestly wish I knew. And I really wish i understood everything you are saying. With the work that was done on the rejetting Saturday it seems like my bike got worse. It chokes out if I gas it just a little bit. I hopefully will be meeting with this guy today and figuring out where to go next

  17. quicgmicg

    If it were me.... I'd just ask them if they thought they had the capability to actually do a re-jet and actually make it work, because if not, you're not going to give them another dime. There are plenty of shops that could have you up and going first time out. These bikes are just not that complicated.... If a shop gave me my bike back that way, I'd have a serious problem. I'm glad you have a chance to talk to them....

  18. VinceWylde

    i have no idea if they knew what they were doing...bcuz the job was done "after hours" it seems to me like the settings needed were never actually used...and it was close to a half a$$ job! now i'm stuck in the middle of taking my bike back to a real dealer and getting work done...or doing it myself...but negatives with both...the closest dealer is 3 hours away....and doing it myself i dont know enough about carbs to work on them like that! IM STUCK

  19. retzdaret

    i have no idea if they knew what they were...

    If your up to it, I'm confident we can get you threw it. It's easier than you think. The big issue will be getting all the parts you need before you begin.

  20. VinceWylde

    Well i talked to the guys who worked on the bike last night. They said the re-jetting was done correctly and the carb was set to 127.5. Now they're saying its a fuel issue. They suggested replacing the fuel filter with a higher flow one. But that was the only suggestion they came up with. So if the rejetting was done correctly im not sure exactly what else could be wrong with it.


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