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Raider Passing Lights on my Roadliner

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  1. norman315

    just a few mods to install them and a new look for the roadliner ,

  2. tunc

    great looking lights

    are they original mirrors on there

  3. FedalEcho

    They look good.

    I guess they didnt have a raider in stock when you bought your bike!

  4. oh5midnight

    Where did you mount your turn signals? Lights look pretty cool, I wanna put the normal ones on my Roadliner, but still trying to justify the expense! Haha

  5. norman315

    Where did you mount your turn signals? Lights look pretty...

    i mounted on the blinker stems , i did the same with round lights also , you want to buy them ?

  6. oh5midnight

    They do look pretty nice, what kind of lights are they? Do you know if I can wire them to the stock switch and would they fit with the Star accessory windshield? If so, I'd be interested. How much would you let them go for? You can send me a PM


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