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  1. Muffj

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a map for my '08 Raider. I haven't made too drastic of a change to air/fuel mixtures but here is what I have.

    **Reaper Tips and a K&N filter for my stock air box.

    I loaded the cd that came with the Dynojet Power Commander III USB and also went to PC's website and none of the maps even come close to the setup I have.

    I do have a tuning center/dealer for the PCIII within 25 miles of me according to PC's website. Would taking my bike there right from the start be the best bet?

    Thanks so much guys for all the help!!!

    Ride safe.

  2. SLK929

    There are several maps out there on the forums that you can use. I did so until I could get my bike into a tuner and boy what a difference it made to have the bike custom mapped to the area I live in by a certified tuner. It woke the bike up and even improved my gas mileage. Get it in to the tuning center as soon as you can.

  3. matcruser

    If you have the $ for a custom tune, go for it. Otherwise keep trying different maps even if they aren't for your specific setup.

  4. Muffj

    Ok great. Thanks guys!!! I'm going to give the tuning center a call on Monday:-)


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