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  1. LDIRebroPhil

    Alright...probably done with mods for a month or so. Just got my bike on July 3rd, so I'm not wastin anytime gettin her the way I think she'll look best. This is what I've done or "had done" so far, (including the small stuff)
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  2. Chromed Wheels, Hubs, Pully, Rotor Cover
  3. Chromed Belt Guard
  4. Chrome Rear Fender Rack
  5. V&H Big Radius 2-1
  6. V&H Fuelpak
  7. Custom LED Integrated Tail Light
  8. Performance Edge Side Mounted License Plate
  9. Chrome Raider Decal on Rear Fender from Sawtooth Industries
  10. Removed all Factory Stickers
  11. Removed Plactic Chrome Pieces from Tank
  12. Removed Reflectors from Front Brake Calipers

  • LDIRebroPhil

    What's next? Probably Air kit, front fender, and chin fairing!

  • Pavbj

    Nice, Phil. Real nice. I see you also removed the lower belt cover. I shoulda left mike off when I broke it on a speed bump. $32 for the replacement, and $90 for install by the stealer. Oh well, live and learn.

  • Dalen278

    Your bike is beautiful Phil, just gorgious! It looks alot like mine

  • 9Sdarz

    Phil you should get Britts fender for yours, it would look sick.

  • Zzdargej

    Man you have put some MAJOR money into all the chroming. I just ordered my PCIII and the V & H br 2-1 soooo i am getting up into the major mods lol.

  • LDIRebroPhil

    Phil you should get Britts fender for yours, it would look
    yeah, that one looks cool. I like the RC Components Phantom wrap-around fender kinda too. Here's one on a Raven (courtesy of: bhodge)

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