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  1. gink1653

    Just wondering what to expect down the road with my new bike (first one). Cananyone who has lots of miles on their bike tell me approx. how long before things that wear would be expected to be replaced such as tires and brakes. I know that is a general question with lots of variables, but just wondering what others have experienced. Also, has anything needed repair along the way?

  2. A1zbordztat

    I have 9200 miles on my 1100 now and I just replaced the front brake pads this last weekend. They were down to next to nothing (all 4 of them). I think I got it just in time. Would have preferred to have done it at 8000 if I had known they had worn so much. My tires still look great. I should easily be able to get about 15000 out of them, but I don't do any 2 up riding and always keep them properly inflated.

  3. Sduplyumbr

    Depending on your driving probably the first thing you will have to replace is the rear tire, but that should last around 10,000mi. That is what I got out of mine anyways. My brakes are still good but I hardly do any city driving.

  4. Caweno

    I had my VStar for about 45k before trading it for a BMW.
    It wasn't until 30k till I had to do anything other than oil, brakes, plugs, or tires.

    1) 5/14/06 Spark plugs, oil, oil filter 19200 miles
    2) 6/10/06 new tires 20000 miles
    3) 7/2/06 oil, oil filter 21950
    4) 10/1/06 oil, filter, brakes, 26800
    5) 3/24/07 valve cover gasket, air filter, spark plugs, 29600
    6) 4/22/07 oil, oil filter, 30500
    7) 5/13/07 fuel filter, rear brakes, replaced clutch, 31500
    8) 6/3/07 oil, oil filter, 32800
    9) 7/17/07 front brakes, spark plugs, 35750
    10) 8/5/07 front and back tires, oil, oil fiter, gear oil, 36600
    11) 8/19/07 cleaned carbs, back brakes 37500
    12) 10/28/07 oil change, oil filter 41500

  5. LiddleBen

    I usually get a bout 7000 mi on the rear tire Dunlop. Brakes front and rear 9 to 11000 mi ,I use regular 10w50 4 stroke heavy duty oil Wolfs Head ,I change my oil and filter (at) 4000 mi intervals. I do have an ORK which makes an oil change about a 20 minute job in my garage. Spark plugs (at) 6000 intervals myself. I had the valves adjusted at 8000 mi and re checked at 20,000 and they needed slight adjustment. Things to watch other than above are: Wheel bearing and fork wear. suspension issues fork oil and seals shock sagging on rear shock. these things tend to wearout with mileage. Other than what Ive mentioned just keep it serviced and enjoy.,LB

  6. gink1653

    Thanks alot for everyone's input. Helped alot.


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