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Question about the Bub Big Willie exhaust

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  1. zpalla2

    So I just got my 2007 V Star custom and i was wanting to know if the bub pipes were any good?? also do you HAVE to have the bike rejetted if the pipes are installed?? and what other full exhaust systems can you get with out have your bike rejetted?

  2. Ravhite

    Welcome to the YMF, I have never run Bubs so won't reply to that but will tell you that you can change pipes and not have to re-jet if you are running the stock air box. Having stated that it is always goo to check how your engine is running after any change. This can be done by doing a check of the plugs across the band. Enjoy that new ride!

  3. zpalla2

    thanks man

  4. Ravhite

    You're welcome.......I should have mentioned in my previous post that you might want to remove the AIS when you install the exhaust to prevent backfiring/popping of the exhaust.

  5. JRA741

    I have Bubs on myi 2007 v star classic and they sound great. I did need to have the carbs checked and adjusted.

  6. MigejCojode

    Slip-ons don't usually require a rejet but full pipes usually do. Especially this bike for some reason, it's lean from the factory to begin with. Like Ravhite said install them and do a plug check for all three carb circuits.

    I've heard nothing but great things about the bub pipes but I've never heard a set on the 650.

  7. tillikaff

    I just put Bub's on about a week ago. Sound great & run great. I've put about 250 miles on since installation. Carry & Greg at Pacific Coast Star, told me that from their experience it wasn't needed to rejet, if running with the baffles in.
    I am going to rejet though, as I am putting on a Kuryakyn Twin Velocity Air Cleaner next week. I am extremely please with the performance the new pipes, and I am hoping for even more good thing with the air intake.


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