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Question about 'carrying'

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  1. esiriter

    Its better to have a gun and not need it
    than need it and not have it!

  2. LaFiamma442

    Just read this thread, very surreal i must say!

  3. kamezbanger

    I am definitely not a Hopalaphob, but I do worry about my own temper coupled with my lack of tolerance for idiots on the roadway. I'm half Italian, half Irish, and full of piss and vinegar. I saw an a$$hole run a red light yesterday - and of course I stopped mid-conversation and had a conniption. I've never expressed road rage outwardly to another driver but I don't want to give myself the opportunity. I do strongly believe in protecting thyself and I really enjoy trap and rifle shooting. But I think my obnoxious mouth and non-firearm self-defense training could get me out of a situation.

    If you can't trust that you will only use a gun as a defencive should not have one....that is for sure!!!

    And around here...obnoxious mouths get people IN to situations...not out.

    No offense inteneded.

  4. kamezbanger

    I live in Canada and don't need a gun (plus it's highly illegal). People here are too nice to shoot each other. Well..OK...there's the odd maniac or two...but most of them head south...

    Why are all the maniacs down here?? We have a lot of firearms down here...I wonder if your stabbings are any higher per capita?

  5. 4mrAkankmpr

    Heh, they don't talk about all the AXE murderers!

  6. vakonman

    Hey 4mrAkankmpr,
    My memory fails me here. Refresh my memory of all these axe murderers you refer to.

  7. 4mrAkankmpr

    Hey 4mrAkankmpr,My memory fails me here. Refresh my memory of all these axe murderers you refer to.
    O-O-O-O-O! Someone has thin skin! They're the one's your government has warned the media against reporting-much like ours about lives saved by firearm ownership!

  8. tunc

    I'm sure some of the people on here have Concealed Carry Permits. To those that do, what is your preferred method of carrying while riding? I know some manufacturers make jackets with inside gun pockets, etc. While riding I will most likely carry my KelTec mini 380, which will actually fit right in my back pocket with a pocket holster. Just looking for options and opinions.
    this is the original post that started the thread
    so how about we get back on track about what he asked for

  9. DJinNH594

    I came across this video posted on another website and thought you folks would get a kick out of it.

    "I Like Guns" by Steve Lee


  10. Ducghunder

    That's good! Thanks!

  11. Shebhertezz

    That's hilarious! I posted the video on my daughter's boyfriend's Facebook page. He's quite the gun nut.

  12. cowenandranch

    oh, that's good. Thanks!!!

  13. Zoom181

    Yep....loved it!

  14. nikhder40

    I carry my glock 26 every day all the timea good inside the waist band tactical holster will be good. I have severial hundred miles on my harley with mine (blade-tech) and its solid. Tactical responce has great holsters that will work for you.

  15. cowenandranch

    I received 2 new options for carrying from my wife for Christmas.



    Haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but I'll try to post some reviews after I've worn them for a while.



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