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  1. 4mrAkankmpr

    Why carry a handgun? Because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away! Mick- I usually compete in the Civilian Marksmanship Program's Annual National Matches, where we shoot military service rifles over open sights at ranges from 100-600 yds. There is a team from Australia that has been coming here the last couple of years that have to borrow rifles from some local clubs to shoot in competition. The common reaction of the Aussie shooters after they've competed in a match is enthusiasm and bemoaning the state of affairs in their home country. Many American shooters at this event contribute to a fund to help defray the costs incurred by the Aussies. My encounters with individuals has beenvery enlightening about what they are going through in your country. Because of the declining economy, crime is going up-despite some of the offical reports, and violent crime is especially getting worse, so the statement made at the beginning of this post is even more revelent now.
    When I carry while riding, its usually in a fanny pack( said during the third 100 degree day in North Texas this year)!

  2. Zoom181

    Dave, before getting one of the purses that hook on my belt loops I carried my LCP in the inside vest pocket. Most leather vest have them and they are usually pretty deep so that is a thought.

    I don't go hardly anywhere except work without a piece and I would there but I work in a daycare type setting and can't/won't do that.

    I am a woman and I ride alone quite a bit and I will keep myself safe as best I can because unforunately there are idiots out there.

    People can question why people carry all they want but it is nobodies freakin business! We have a 2nd amendment right and I like my rights.

    Oh yeah, edited to add: At times when I wear my lower cut riding boots I wear my LCP on an ankle holster which is very comfortable. Don't think I would like it for a bigger heavier gun but the Kel-tec or LCP is fine there.

  3. MachinekunWarrior

    I do not have a concealed weapons permit. I'd get one but I'm to lazy.
    This however does not stop me from packing a handgun when I travel.
    If asked by an officer I wouldn't lie. My safety and my family's safety comes first. Wish we could all be like Alaska where everyone wears a sidearm because of wildlife. How many people in Alaska get jacked in a dark alley? Ask em. Anyhow thats my 2 cents.

  4. DaweGCF

    Why carry a handgun? Because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away!
    A friend of mine told me that when someone asks him why he carries a gun, his answer is, "Because I can't carry a cop".

  5. formerfuss

    Is that a Cop Joke?

  6. cowenandranch

    I don't think that was a cop joke, I've heard it before. I've been asked why I carry a .45. I use the answer I heard a long time ago.... because they don't make a .46.

  7. formerfuss

    I know, I was just clowning around. BTW, I don't leave home without mine. Like carrying a wallet, car keys or a comb. Been doing it too long.

  8. DaweGCF

    Sometimes I do make cop jokes, but mostly just with my cop friends. In my business I hear so many people talking shit about cops, and I tell them all the same thing. If you weren't doing anything wrong, you have no reason to have a problem with cops. It's the people that are breaking some law that always have a shitty attitude about cops.

  9. retzdarraiter

    yeah, like me. i think there's something wrong with 90% of the cops. i think they were the ones that got picked on in school and now they are exacting their revenge.
    by the way. when i carry a gun, i do it the good old illegal way. not registered, no permit. and my brother is a smelter.

    DaweGCF, gwinnet county? murder rate 35-36? try livin 20 miles from baltimore city and wash. dc. gwinnet county indeed!

  10. DaweGCF

    It's not the 35-36 number that really bothers me, that's still no where close to downtown Atlanta. It's the 12% increase in violent crimes from 2004 to 2007. They haven't released the statistics for 2008, but I know from talking to all the cops that I tattoo that it has continued to rise. Part of the problem is that over 100000 people came to the Atlanta area after Katrina and the vast majority of them stayed.

    "Atlanta police said they've been experiencing a level of crime never seen before in the city and a lot of it was imported from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina."

    "The increases seem to be more dramatic in Atlanta. Nationally, violent crimes crept up about 2 percent in 2006 from the previous year. In Atlanta, crime leapt across the board during the first nine months of 2007 compared with the same period in 2006. According to APD statistics: • The number of robberies is up 25 percent.
    • Burglaries are up 19 percent.
    • Auto thefts are up 21 percent.
    • All larcenies, from purse snatchings to looting vending machines, have risen 5 percent.
    • And the scariest number: Murders are running 28 percent above last year's levels."

  11. tyzcarap

    Hey Red, if I see you getting mugged or pummeled on the side of the road, I'll be sure to just cruise on by.

    I grew up with guns. Hunting for food mostly. Then I spent 14 years in the Marine Corps where I became very proficient. I did a stint as a contractor as well. I know how and when to use a gun. When I carry, I'm no different than a police officer. Believe me, you want to have someone around who knows what they are doing if the crap hits the fan. We are talking about saving lives here... mine, yours, your mother's, whoever.

    We are also talking about licensed, trained, concealed weapons permitees here, not about some biker gang. Those of us who carry, you probably would never know it. Chances are you have been around many people who do carry...legally! Unfortunately there are those who carry illegally. Those are the ones you should be complaining about, not those of us who are legit.

  12. ozun55

    Deleted post
    Well we don't really know his background, and you have to have a clean record to be eligible for a Concealed Carry Permit. So being a contrarian might be his only option in this discussion.

    Wife and I have many friends in the DOJ and other agencies as well as local LEO's, and I can tell you that all the ones that I know are dedicated, upstanding, trustworthy individuals without any doubt about it.


  13. MigejCojode

    Ok I don't like weapons topics here. Not because I am for or against them but because there are people that feel strongly either for or against. This is not the forum for that battle.

    This is a forum for Yamaha Motorcycles. How to carry a CCW on a motorcycle is a somewhat legitimate question. Whether or not you should really isn't appropriate here.

  14. 2WheelPik

    All right, I'll leave the "Why I carry" question alone, and deal with the topic. The reason I carry my LCP inside the pants with a belt clip is so it is where my firearm usually sits - no fumbling around thinking of where I last put it. That way no matter what I'm wearing when I ride I know it's there. Obviously I don't carry it on me so I can use WHILE riding, but it's the destination when I get off the bike. Some may say that you can store it in a saddlebag, but imagine the reaction of others if they saw a mc rider transferring a gun from the bag into a pocket. Not good.

  15. tyzcarap

    Well, I found this pic I took a while back. Seems appropriate for this topic...somewhat at least.


  16. VTvinChic

    DJ... you're missing one very important weapon: the tailgunner exhaust!

  17. tyzcarap

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I actually have a tailgunner pipe picked out. It i the blacked out version like the one in your pic, but it is the "smoke wagon" version, which is about the same length as the stock can.

    Just waiting for some more cash flow to make it happen.

  18. vakonman

    Wow. I just read this thread from the start and I'm blown away.
    Sounds like there is an undeclared war going on down there below the 49th parallel that I was not aware of. There is much of America that I would like to ride and see but I think I'd be too parinoid to enjoy. I'll pray for you all to find a more peaceful way.

  19. BigeLowinkVed

    Just like every forum, and every legitimate question, this went WAY off topic because everyone loves to put in their 2 cents. I love you all, you have a lot of great motorcycle knowledge here, but I can't stand how you can't leave a thread alone. Leave it to the topic and either A. start your own thread or B. send a private message.

    I am done ranting. As far as your question goes, I agree with puppaco? I think his name was, carry however you usually carry. The benefit of carrying is to be able to use it if need be so you need a routine. A shift a couple inches one way or another can drastically effect your draw and then essentially, your ability to connect with whatever you are MEANING to connect with.

    I always carry in a over shoulder under arm holster. If it is too hot to have my jacket or vest on, I can always throw a lightweight button up shirt over. My buddy on the other hand, carries a smaller pistol and uses an ankle holster. So, that is thought too.

    Happy upcoming Thanksgiving everyone! PS - I will be tearing my bike apart in a couple weeks so if anyone wants to call dibs on any parts, let me know what you want and we can work out a price. I ride a 2003 650 custom.

  20. ylvrikhd

    I do carry an LCP in the saddlebag but only for one reason. Broke down in the middle of the night on the side of the road. I'm the most peaceful person you ever met but you can't reason with a meth head.


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