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Question about aftermarket exhaust...

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  1. Smutke

    I'm not really a very mechanical guy, but that doesnt' stop me for enjoying my bike, and getting out to ride... with that in mind... I have some questions, and I'm sure the answers are obvious to most but if you'd care to share your knowledge, i'd appreciate it.

    It's my understanding that changing out the stock exhaust and air intake will improve performance. By doing this, do you loose fuel economy or gain more as a result?

    Also, despite wanting an improvement in performance and mpg, I don't really want to turn my neighbors against me. Can you reccomend a decent set of aftermarket pipes that won't rattle the windows, still sound decent, but also improve the performance? I understand that changing pipes should be done in conjunction with the air filter/intake at the same time and of course rejetting the carbs should also be done when changing these pieces. Thanks in advance!!

    PS: I ride an 05 v-star 1100 classic and my budget is about $500-$600 cdn.

  2. pikvage

    air intake systems do help MPG but i'm not sure about pipes...what i do know is that with my bike it came with straight cobra exhaust with no baffles..the bike was underpowered and you had to rev it up to move..i was told the bike was re jetted..i threw some stock pipes on and all the power was there with torque and less MPG will deffinately go up, but i dont know how jetting with the right pipes will affect guess is that if the pipes have baffles it will be about the same..but straight pipes will probably lower mpg

  3. Smutke

    Thanks! I'm thinking that whatever pipes I get I will leave any baffles in it that might come with them... or get some cones to add to them to keep the volume down but still let the rumble through.

  4. khunder102

    When I put the Maxair intake and jets in and replaced the stock exhaust with the Cobra HP-Pro this spring, the performance (HP and torque) improved a bunch (I don't have a dyno run to prove how much), and my gas mileage improved by 5+ MPG to an average of about 48...

    I also removed the AIS at the same time, and plugged the ports. Did it all (myself) for about $650 US (just parts).


  5. Smutke

    Kewl. thanks for the update.


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