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put in an order for some parts...

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  1. SlovBoj

    Just ordered up my new foot rest ass'y, left and right, from a custom for my classic. I haven't ordered the brake/shift pedals nor the brake/shift rods. Does anyone know if I can get away with ordering the shift pedal and having the rest work or am I going to need more parts?... brake rods, brake pedal and shift rods(I know I'll probably need the shift pedal as mine is a heel toe vs. the single toe shifter)... So right now all i've got is the left/right ass'y ordered, what could be foreseen that I might need

  2. SlovBoj

    Anybody have any clue?...

  3. retzdaret

    I hate to say it but I would wait until it comes in before ordering any additional stuff. As for the heal and toe. I do know someone who simply hack sawed the heal shifter off and used a grinder to gring it nice and it looked real good.

  4. SlovBoj

    Put on the custom pegs last night, ran into just a couple probs. First and formost, the brake pedal doesn't fit... I knew that was going to happen. Where I was at a loss was the shifter side. I took the heel toe off and ground off the heel part, made it all rounded and pretty and started to put it together. I had to roll the shifter way further forward compared to the floor boards and wouldn't ya know it... the linkage hits the engine case and doesn't work. I ended up getting a couple washers and shimming it out to clear the case. I'm probably going to get a couple of thicker washers and longer bolts and shim them out a little further fo a little wider stance on the pegs. Everything else seems like it'll work no problem after I get the Brake lever in.


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